End Of The Road 2010


We had an odd, but good E.O.T.R. in 2010. We were working so that had to come first. However, we did manage to get out and see / hear some bands. Highlights were Ben Ottewell and Caitlin Rose. But,there was one real highlight for us, and, like The Heavy from last year, we’ve ended up with their complete back catalogue.

So, without further ado, the award for best band that blew us away and gave us that fuzzy feeling was...... CITAY.

Playing one of the smaller marquees, they simply rocked with music that had texture, flair, humour and groove. I think this was the bands first U.K. tour (and lets hope not the last). Having now listened to the complete back catalogue, this set had more of the rocked out numbers of Dream Get Together which is the current release. Makes sense!  

The talented Ezra can be thankful he has got some great support with the current line-up. All of whom were charming, entertaining and appeared to be enjoying the warm reception. In fact the music is truly lyrical and up-lifting. It must be something in that San Fran’ water?  Bring it on! 

Briefly, I’d recommend getting Dream Get Together as it does rollock along with some great Zappa licks and a modern Allman Brothers zip - in fact I ended up mixing a track with a Zoot Allures number! Production is very slick in a Little Feet, Steely Dan way and I’d love to hear this lot through some vintage equipment and less production. Pick up the other albums which are textured soundscapes and a little more one-man-band. Dream G.T. is the real treat though. Thank you Dead Oceans for suppling a digital download coupon for the album when you buy the vinyl. This is the way forward for those of us that prefer vinyl but find it hard to play in the car or listen to on the train (that would be Inter City then - and I surely am!).


For some video - head to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owO4w6JLwkc