The ‘09 E.O.T.R. was blessed with end of Summer sun and it made a great change from the previous year to be covered in dust rather than mud. The best part of this festival is to get up close and personal with bands that rarely get airplay enabling you to feel like you’ve discovered the next best thing.

Best band of the festival award has to go to The Heavy. They were on at the same time as Fleet Foxes, and while 3000 people were crammed into the Garden Stage with a couple of hundred waiting to be let in, The Heavy played to a hundred or so in a small marquee, “The Local”. They soon had the crowd dripping with sweat with a superb and unique mix of rock, soul, ska and garage-funk. Tinges of Gnarls Barkley and The Undisputed Truth are just a couple of nods toward style.

The lead singer knows how to work a crowd and from the first note it was evident to us this was IT. This band will, or should go all the way, and, if they are booked next year I hope they get the stage they deserve. Coleen, their superb single is being used as a BBC trailer and they’ve had some play on Radio 2. Catch them if you can...a must see/hear.

Get The Blessing also filled our ears with a jazz-funk Coronation Street set. They triumphed over a niggly P.A. and poor lighting (the P.A. in this tent was pretty annoying over the weekend if truth be told). They were innovative with a line-up of bassoon, trumpet, bass and one of the best drummers I’ve seen.

One of the Canadian contingent, Ohbijou played a sublime set, even though they were first on Friday afternoon in the dark and oppressive Big Top stage. They did it in style and good humour with some deft instrumental work. Ohbijou joined their best band buddies the following day, The Acorn. This was a dream of a set and made it the warm, fuzzy moment of the weekend. Not only were they superb musicians, but they actually engaged with the crowd. Take note Explosions In The Sky (and several others), you can remain cool and talk?

Talking to the crowd wasn’t a problem for Bob Log III and lifted many a flagging spirit on Sunday afternoon. Mad guitar, bass drum, tambourine, gold lame jump-suit and silver crash helmet. Simple, effective, amusing.

Final highlight was Pack A.D., also from Canada. Maya Miler and Becky Black really gave it everything with a mix of Rock n Blues (drums and guitar). Stripped down, raucous and bloody loud the vocals were in a world and class of their own. Think Janis Joplin with the pain of Cobain. Stunning...  



            Shearwater                                              Get The Blessing


                                      The Acorn with Ohbijou



                                            The Heavy



                                            Bob Log III




To see a couple of Bob Log III’s choons and the fab Fleet Foxes, tune to