Songs For Children - The Kiddieland Chorus

Pye Golden Guinea GGL 0021 -------1957

This one really sets my teeth on edge!

Music for a Swinging Children’s Party

Cy Payne & his Orchestra

Contour 2870 361 --------- 1973

Fizzy pop, cakes and sugar - I predict a riot, especially when Life On Mars comes on!

Singing Along with the Girl Guides

BBC Records RED 67 M --------- 1971

The face is reminiscent of Festival of Britain art rather than 1970’s style.

Songs From The Electric Company Show - Disneyland 1350 - 1973

The cover looks more like 1953 than 1973!

Motown Disco Magic - Too Hot Ta Trot

MFP 50448

There’s something a little spooky about this kid. A little like seeing kids in pageants. Wrong...

Tippy Toe Bubble Book No. 11

Harper-Columbia - 1920

Containing three 4” 78’s this little book is one of a series produced by Harper-Columbia.

For full details I recommend a great site that covers these in detail, The Little Wonder Records & Bubble Books.

Little Tot’s Records

Made in America between 1923-38 there are 10 in the series. As can be seen, the card outers were pretty much printed on what was available. The bindings are silk thread.

Note the beauty of the printed label.

Baby James Harvest - Barclay James Harvest

Harvest - SHSP 4023 - 1972

Potty training?

The Mod Moppets - Kiddie Au Go-Go

Allegro - ALL 892 - 1966

These two hipsters have just finished auditioning for some horror thriller set in a bleak hotel high on a mountain...

Learning About Me And The Way I Move

UltraSound Records - ULT-3324

An early American music and movement LP. I’d tell you more, but this gem is sealed.

Jasper Carrott In The Club

Criminal Records - CRM999 RND

An early Carrott appearance from 1973. Possibly even funnier than the record is the fact it was recorded at the Boggery Folk Club, just a vowel away near the back alley.

A Gay Ranchero - Robertino

W&G - WG25/S/5415

A product of New Faces, from a different time admittedly. But! What were they thinking? 

A Singer Christmas for the family

Singer Records - USA------ 1963

Father looks smug. Mother looks wistful and the lad is yelling, “Nooooo!” How happy would you be to get a sewing machine for Christmas? The LP is still shrink-wrapped - what a great Christmas present that was?

Family Favourites - Russ Conway

Columbia 33SX 1169

Another slice of domestic bliss.

Music For The Fireside - Paul Weston

World Records T299

A homely scene with the little lady by her mans feet! An aspirational cover of the day.

Songs of Couch and Consultation

Katy Lee

Realm RM 102 ------- 1958

A very odd mix of song titles - Real Sick Sounds and Repressed Hostility Blues.

The World of Your Hundred Best Tunes

Vol 9

Decca SPA 373 ------ 1974

One of the many Hundred Tunes series. The look of the bemused by the girl, who I’m sure would rather be listening to The Bay City Rollers?  Loving the curtains.

Christmas At Home!

Embassy WLP 6036 ------ 1961

A barn of a home, that’s for sure with a pub style interior. Loving the geezer to the left of the turkey with the pink hat - too many Brown Ales?

The Rounders Sing Good Time Party Songs

Stereo Gold Awards MER 339 ----- 1971

“Here’s the party record you have been looking for!” Right. Wonder which of these laydees is going to be the popular one around the Party 7?

Perfect Background Music For Your Home Movies


Cheesy - Nice deck on the shelves though.

Ken Griffin - Lets Have A Party (And Everybody Sing)

Philips - BBL 7242 - 1958

An utterly horrid cover, from the wallpaper to the posed smugness. Nice kitty though!

There’s always a knitted cardigan somewhere and all the families featured are happy, gathered ‘round the television, table or stereogram. A post Victorian pre-digital bliss era.