Railways In Aspic

BBC REB 49M - 1970

Of all the Railway related records I have, this has top honours for the most bizarre cover.... a real gem.

The Brighton Run

BBC Records - REC 117M - 1970

Ah! Clock those pistons on the 1902 Panhard-Levassor. There’s nothing like listening to enthusiasts?

Field Recordings are exactly what they say they are, recorded while out in the ‘field’. They have their ‘feet’ in several camps; Educational, Historic Events, Natural History and the occasional souvenir. Some of these F.R.’s fall in to the FX category. Just when you thought it was safe to take your headphones off, they can be all of the above! Whatever their original intention, they now make for ‘interesting’ snippets to cull, loop and generally have a jolly good time ripping them apart to create new noise. My suggestion is, keep this stuff tucked away with the porn at the bottom of the wardrobe. Heaven forfend that it should be found by friends, or even worse - partner.


Perhaps the most nerdy aspect of field recordings, Transportation has all the detail one would expect. What other records would have such details as, “BDZ 2-8-2 class and number not positively identified, heading the much delayed ‘Istanbul Express’ between Plovdiv and Maritza 1969” or’ “Me 323 running up engines”. Generally of interest as they have the sound of pretty much defunct modes of transport, hailing back to a non-digital age .

The End Of Steam


A nostalgic look through BBC archives at steam through the ages.

Paris Express

Argo DA 49

One of the many Argo field recordings of trains it released as part of the Argo Transacord series.

Orient Express

Argo TR 130

A recorded journey through the Balkans to Istanbul on the famous Orient Express.

A small selection of Argo Transacord 7’ EP’s featuring differing lines and loco’s through Britain.

The next set of pictures are all from the BBC Sound Effects Centre. They produced a vast quantity of FX field recordings for use on BBC programmes and local stations. These 33rpm 7” are housed in thick poly sleeves. Each recording has just about every angle covered. For example, there are three discs for the Being 707 Jet covering take off (interior), take off (exterior), descent and landing etc. etc.. These were circa 1970. I presume the F prefix at the top stands for Flight?  

Flypast - SSLX 367

From 1971 and produced by Flypast Productions, this LP features a smattering of famous Churchillian broadcasts, Amy Johnson, Sir Barnes Wallis along with a host of aircraft.


Minimodels Ltd., Havant

A tasty 7” from the early 60’s? Each side has a long and short race recorded from Grand Prix cars or T.T. motorcycles. To be played whilst playing with your Scalextric. 


The second largest category in the world of field recordings, with birds being the most popular. Most seem to be aimed at education and would appear to have a limited or niche market. 

Bird Song Adventure

Golden Guinea GGL 0485 - 1972

Taped by Victor Lewis and Patrick Sellar who are being hailed the gurus of bird recording. Sellar collected the Golden Nightingale award for his recordings.

Woodland And Garden Birds


A double LP useful for identification. 

Bird Recognition

Vol. 1 - Birds Of Farm And Garden

RLS 685 - 1965

One of three box sets of 7” EP’s by HMV, each containing three EP’s. 

The Superb Lyrebird

Columbia SEGO 70006

A great 7” EP of this amazing sounding bird. EMI Australia.

Australian Bush Sounds

Jacaranda Press - MX-20442

Published in 1966, this informative book comes with 7” EP.

Shell Nature Records - British Bird Series

In 1969, Shell published nine FR 7” EP’s, each with a small booklet. They ran from DCL 700 - 9, some of which were made by Lyntone

Souvenir Sounds Of Devon with Johnny Morris

Fi-Sound Ltd - 1965

A great 7” with Johnny Morris narrating over the sounds of “swimming, nightlife, Brixham Harbour and alike.


Historical events have often been captured on vinyl and sold as a souvenir, or given away. Most have commentary. 

First Man On The Moon

OBS 1 - 1969

A great freebie with The Observer, this 7” has a great sleeve and some good sound. 

We Came In Peace For All Mankind

Philips - 88463 DL - 1969

A great mainly spoken word account of the space mission and includes Kennedy,Lyndon B. Johnson and Gagarin.  

The State Funeral Of Sir Winston Churchill

Decca - WCF 101 - 1965

A double volume of this state event. Interestingly on the back of each LP, “Both issued with the authority of Sir Winston Churchill”.

Echoes Of Merseyside

Liverpool Echo - 1971

A terrific LP featuring football matches and anyone who’s who from Liverpool.

See Lost & Found

Sounds Of HM Tower Of London

TOL 1 - 1968

A souvenir EP from the Tower Of London covering the ceremony of the keys and featuring the ravens.

Generally a mix of all of the above. Some being an adventure in that new fangled Stereo sound.  

A Journey Into Stereo Sound

Decca - SKL 4001 - 1958

They’ve chucked everything at it from trains, racing cars and even dear old Vera Lynn.

This Is London

Music For Pleasure - MFP 1295 - 1969

A budget sampler of a whistle-stop tour around the capital including Portabello Market.

Children Talking

Music For Pleasure - MFP 1224 - 1968

An amusing if not odd FR of kids talking from the BBC programme.

ABC Of Sound

Dandy Records - D4

This 7” is an educational tool and features FR’s from A-Z with spoken word in between.

Rhodesia - Safari On Sound

WAL Records

A classic bit of tourist treasure from Rhodesia containing music, narration noises from Victoria Falls, Salisbury, Bulawayo and best of all - Wankie Game Park. 

ABC Of Sound

Saga - SOC 1048 - 1967

This LP from ’67 features some pretty horrid field recordings with suspect words, “Recorded on the slopes of Mt Kenya. This recording was made as the lion crouched to attack a Buck. The lion was shot thirty seconds after this recording was made”. Enough to give the nippers a nightmare!

Real Plane Sounds

Dandy Records D 25

Archive sound mainly from the Battle Of Britain. Each sound clip is introduced by an echoey R.P. sounding announcer. The B-side features clips from airports. Remember, “No smoking until airborne”.

Real Train Sounds & Real Bell Sounds

Saga Society - SOC 1049 - 1967

An early odd duo of trains one side and bells the other. Suitable for “Ages 4-8” ?!

Heartbeat Of Africa - This Is East Africa

Sapra Studio

Part of a series of releases from Kenya, aimed at the tourist market. These records contain a mix of animal noises and native singing, combined with clipped narration.

Church Bells Of Kent

Saydisc - SDL 302 - 1979

A good, if not a bit repetitive archive of bells. How a peel ing?!

Cotswold Voices

Saydisc - SDL 267

A specialized recording with various Cotswold characters. A great snapshot of local dialect. 

Cockney As It Is Spoke

Saga - SOC 1046

An odd mix of sound taken from the real thing and acted out. More Mockey than Cockney.


English With A Dialect

BBC Records - REC 173

Here the Beeb do a proper job, recording regional accents across the country. 


Minismere Bird Reserve

European Phono Club

A good double 7” release featuring birds from Minismere Reserve located on the Suffolk coast.

Memories Of The Sights & Sounds Of Grand Canyon

Tourist Record - SA - 1917

A 7” release from 1964 featuring sights of sounds of the area. Contains some good sound-bites!

The Sounds of British Railway Trains

Contrast Sound Productions - TFX-1

Recorded by F.C. Judd who recorded many of the Argo series. 7”

The Age Of Steam

BBC Records - OP 159 - 1971

Again, the Beeb dedicate one side of the record to folk songs of the era

and on the other spoken extracts from documents from the 1820’s. 


The Country Sings - Songs & Calls of British Birds

Volume 1

No label and presumed a private pressing by Lawrence C. Shove who was responsible for a great number of field recordings. 

Sounds Of The Countryside - Johnny Morris

Shell - DCL 700

A Shell Junior Record and No1 in the series. However, the next ctalogue along is part of the British Bird Series (below) 

Sea Birds - DCL 701 - 1966

Released in non gatefold and in 67, gatefold sleeve.

Garden & Park Birds

DCL 702 - 1966

Woodland Birds

DCL 703 - 1966

Estuary Birds

DCL 704 - 1967

Field And Open Countryside Birds

DCL 705 - 1967

Moor And Heath Birds

DCL 706 - 1967

Marsh And Riverside Birds

DCL 707 - 1967

Mountain And Highland Birds

DCL 709 - 1967

From The Footplate Of A Scot

Eyemark Railwayana Release - RME 1002 - 1968

An interesting release this 7” as it aped the series below, or appears to. Until we find more releases in this series that is!

Isle Of Man Memories:TT Races 1962-1963

Stanley Schofield Productions Limited - EP 309

One of several EPs featuring a young Murray Walker who wrote the commentary to this EP. The sound of classic motorcycles as a backing is a joy!  

Wildlife Of East Anglia


Part of the BBC Wildlife Series (No 7) by Eric Simms 


Bird Calls From Australia

RCA Victor - VPL1-0096-G

Authentic High Fidelity Sound Effects

Castle - MF.X2

Another great mix of odd recordings from F.C.Judd. Circa 1962