A trio of greetings cards from the postcard manufacturer, Valentine and Sons.

Each one features Jack Laroque & His Orchestra.

X.R.4 - While Shepherds Watched

X.R.5 - Good King Wenceslas

G.R.6 - Anniversary Song (Made by Lyntone)

A selection of greetings cards from Melody Cards, 349 Royal College Street, London. Publishers of musical greetings cards. These are all 78s and you can imagine that the needles would rip through the plastic with repeated play?

Top left to right...

M.C. 100 - Rock-A-Boogie Birthday Rock

M.C. 101 - The Washboard Birthday Special

M.C. 102 - A Very Happy Birthday

M.C. 103 - Happy, Happy Birthday

M.C. 104 - Many Happy Returns Of The Day

M.C. 105 - God Bless You! 

MC 110 - I Think Of You

MX 11 - Silent Night

MX 15 - Let’s Have An Old Fashioned Christmas

MX 17 - Riding Home For Christmas

A pair of flexis from the Board of Tourist Propaganda of Yugoslavia.

Made by state owned Jugoton (F-0173 A & B / F-0211) based in Zagreb, now the capital of Croatia.

Each comes in gatefold sleeve with a selection of slides to view at home. Undated, but sort of late 70’s.

Vistaphon - U - R 55

Swiss Hit souvenir musical postcard,  typical holiday fodder including a Tyrollean tune!

Holiday On Ice - Musical Memories

Lyntone circa 1950

Thanks to Jonny Mendelsson for unearthing this - see down to the cellar for more great stuff.

A soundcard by Phono Bild, Baden, Germany. Greetings from the Reeperbahn, the red light district of Hamburg and was later known for the area that the Beatles played. This disc plays a German language version of ‘Memories’.

Ultraforlaget AB - U301

Soundcard from Sweden from the 50’s.

Calibre Auto Recordings

Although not a flexi, these 6” records were all the rage in the 60’s and early 70’s. Booths were to be found in most major seaside resorts, and for a couple of bob you could record a message to Granny. Below is

a very scratchy sample. Sadly, she gets cut off mid flow!

Souvenir Of Royal Albert Hall Festival 1965

Lyntone - LYN 779

A splendid, and rare souvenir.


The more cynical of you may think that this page could contain every flexi-disc ever made as they are a novelty!

Here is a selection of greetings that could be posted from your destination and usually feature some awful native music. They were very much a novelty that started life in the late 20’s and carried on with the bulk of later production in the Easten Block countries.

Twelve Days Of Christmas

Fonoscope - CS 605

Made in 1958, this soundcard was manufactured in Bristol, England.

At Wideccombe Fair

Harvey Barton And Son Ltd. Bristol - 38687

Brixham. “At Widecombe Fair” sung by Raimund Herincox and at the organ, Leslie Murchie.  

Senor Coyote And Senor Mouse

Home Graphic International - DNP-2

This scruffy flexi was pressed by Dai Nippon Printing Ltd. and was an American product - this one was for the Australian market. It is introduced as the “Worlds first talking comic book” where the flexi would be played in conjunction with a comic book.

Teach Yourself Heath - Home Tutor Language Course No. 14

Sonopresse - SHOL 1547

Public school humour from the Monty Python team in typical satire of Conservative Prime Minister, Edward Heath.  

Happy Anniversary

Magic Moments - Burt Bacharach

Fonoscope - G2 - 1958

BP Touring Service - A Souvenir Of A French Holiday

Publimer Printed Sound - USA

A pretty poor promotional flexi from BP. If this is supposed to be a memory or teaser of France then I’m amazed that anyone went there. 

Blue Hawaii & Pearly Shelle

Toshiba - ERS-1214

A delicious red Japanese flexi, presumed a tourist piece from 60’s Hawaii?  

Christmas Greetings & Best Wishes

Fonoscope - CS 607

Made in 1958, another gem by Fonoscope. Loving the gaudy display, which, as you watch it go round, becomes almost 3D.


The Kid’s Club At Woolworths - The School Fete

Flexi Records Ltd.

Bit of an odd one for this high street chain to try.


Moscow News


A double dose of Russian tunes on blue plastic. Delight!


USSR Sound Magazine

A great piece of propaganda which is a book of twelve flexis. There is everything from Lenin to Soviet Jazz. A real insight in to how Russia wanted to be portrayed to the outside world. 

Dulce Jesus Mio

Abbott Laboratories International Co.

Mexican? Cherry red and from a book or magazine of some sort.

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

Private Eye - 1964

LYN 758

  “A special Christmas record issued by Lord Gnome."

Dear Sir, Is This A Record? - Private Eye - 1969

Lyntone - LYN 1962

Dear Sir, is this a Record?:
The Lord Gnome Show. Sex for Children with Auntie Mac, heavy petting music from Serge Forward and Jane Ferkin. The Rev. Ian Palsy. Mary Quant '69'. The Queen. Sir Herbert Gussett. Poor Cold Ted (Kennedy). Blixing.

The B.B.C. Gnome Service

Private Eye - 1966

Lyntone - LYN 1138

Includes H. Wislon on "Xmas", Whispering Jim Narg sings "Psychedelic Baby", John Betjeman and Arthur Negus at Henry Hall, Fyfe Robertson in Witherington St. Parva, The Foreign Secretary George Brown sings "La Marseillaise".

The Sound Of Talbot

Private Eye - 1980

Lyntone - LYN 8925

A parody of Sir James Goldsmith's short-lived 'Now' Magazine.

Skeye Flexi-Dish - Private Eye

Lyntone - 1989

This cheap promotional tool has been a great favourite of Private Eye. This is a great spoof on Murdoch’s fledgling Sky TV. 


Private Eye - 1975

Lyntone - LYN 3024

Lampooning the Heath era and events of the day. 

His Master’s Vass

Private Eye - 1964

LYN 722

  “Exclusive recording on behalf of the Conservative Party by Lord Gnome."

Jonathan King - How To Become A Pop Superstar

Sound For Industry - SFI 491 - 1979

Issued free with “Jonathan King - Hit Millionaire. This has the smug sounding man warbling on. I wonder who paid heed to this advice?


A great little find. A blue flexi on the Russian Melodiya label. I’d love some help with translation on this one if anyone reading Russian can help out?

Happy Birthday Granny - Fermaley Flame

Lyntone - LYN 12229 - 1982

“Happy Birthday From Radio Wonderland”. Considering the age of this flexi, you’d expect something half decent? But oh no! This is enough to send Granny over the edge, wishing she’d never made it to 91. The depressing part at the end, ”Bye now Granny, see you next year” to some synthesized noise. Read between the lines Granny, we’ll pay to keep you in this home another year when we might bother to visit - if you’re still alive.

Their First Home - July 1981

Flexidisc Records

One of the many worthless souvenirs released to cash in on the forthcoming Royal marriage. However, this one has the voices of both parties. A very timid sounding Diana - and in hindsight, some fascinating words about her future.


Just For The Record

Private Eye - 1970

Lyntone - LYN 2140

Knacker of the Yard, David Frost meets Peter Ustinov, Concorde, Conservation Corner - The Duke of Edinburgh, The new Prime Minister aboard Morning Cloud, "The Grocer Fugue", "God Help You Merry Working Men" 

Ted Heath’s Record - Time Out

Lyntone - LYN 2800

Satire on flexi from Time Out. 


Happy Birthday Tracey - Captain Zoom

American Pro - 1975 - Eva-Tone Soundsheets

A really nautious birthday greeting on this 6” flexi.  


Witch Doctor - The Crotchetts - Barry Gray Band

Melody Cards - P-13

A more traditional novely card from Melody. This one featuring pipers. In complete contrast to the played ditty! 

Dans Le Bleu Du Ciel Bleu

Phonoscope - C14 M166

French tourist postcard featuring the music of J. Larue.


Picturesque Devon

There were several series of these, each housed in a small envelope. This is Card No 7749, Series F, No 21 with the tune, “Landlord, Fill The Flowing Bowl”.

A very early simple single sided printed Christmas greeting with 78rpm song. Unknown manufacturer and song.

Postcard manufacturer Raphael Tuck was a prolific producer of greetings cards and made many thousand cards. However, circa 1929 the company produced a small series of Gramophone Record Postcards. These were 3”shellac discs glued to the front of his cards. These cards are believed to have been made by Worldecho who also produced the novelties for Huntley & Plamers.

Series C - Vocal

No.9 - There Is A Tavern In The Town - Card #2077 - Tavistock - Matrix P31

No.10 - The Farmer’s Boy - Card #7622 - Oxfordshire - Matrix P33

No.11 - So Early In The Morning - Card #3136 - Silver Spangled Hamburghs - Matrix P32

No.12 - The Leather Bottel (sic) - Card #7988 - Firenze - Matrix P30

Series F - Vocal

No.21 - Landlord, Fill The Flowing Bowl - Card #8994 - Hastings - Matrix P29

No.22 - Killarney - Card #4020 - Killarney - Matrix P86

No.23 - The British Grenadiers - Card #8653 - Middle And Inner Temple - Matrix P27Y

No.24 - The Vicar Of Bray - Card #7715 - Up The River - Matrix P84

Tucks were excellent at self marketing. An example was that they ran picture competitions. To enter, one would have to submit an image on a blank Tuck card, providing sales and new talent! Each of these Gramophone Record packs contains a printed stiffner which you were encouraged to include when you posted the card to save it from getting creased. This printed card advertises the other packs in the series - early viral marketing?