The All Vinyl Experience does get out and about, and is based in Dorset. Available for radio, band support, corporate events, festivals etc. etc. Rates vary as you can appreciate. If you’ve ever dreamed of Fox rubbing shoulders with Turkish Funk then you need a dose of the All Vinyl Experience!

In search of the perfect groove has meant that creating the right vibe has become a speciality and lends itself well to art gigs, private views, product launches and band support.

Venues and bands supported have been - in no order;

Cox's Yard, Stratford  - Dr. Feelgood - The Bizets - Fred Zeppelin - Texan Peacocks - Larmer Tree Gardens - Create - GeekFest, Bournemouth 07 & 08 - Official Receivers - Dorchester Arts Centre - Texan Peacocks -  The Baker Brothers - Hands Free - Edward 7th - Shotgun Gallery - Nelson’s, Blandford not to mention numerous parties, weddings etc. etc..

Decks used - Technics SL-1200 MK2

Mixer - Behringer DJX700

Public liability insurance held.

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Press - Article from Muse Magazine - Issue 52