Twistin’ Time featuring Doug Fowlkes & The Airdales -

The Daniels & The Playboys - Eros Barclay ERL 50054

Grooovy baby !

Sounds Around - The Johnny Lambe Orchestra

Volume 1 - Glen Miller

Enterprise ENTM 502 ------ 1972

A great psychedelic cover featuring the classic Birmingham Bullring with the Ansells ad’. Anyone got Volume 2?

Danse Parade No. 2 - Various

Bel Air 361 012 - France

Gaudy fish in a Japanese stylee. Nice n kitsch.

For Addicts Only - Great TV Themes

Colin Frechter

Summit ATL 4136 -------  1964

Great graphics and  chair. Groove around to the sound of Z Cars and Steptoe & Son.

Instrumentiva Vol 3.

SNS 5024 ---- Thailand

A little stunner on browny red vinyl. Would love the others in the series!

From Europe With Love - Various


Simple and yet sums up the era of pre-package holidays a treat.

The Tartan Album

1979 - REL RELP 466

Tartan can look good on the items it’s supposed to be on - Kilts and travel rugs. Transpose it to any other item and it just looks like kitsch tat’. This LP is just that.

Karneval Fest 74

Jugotron LSY 61137

Another “architectural gem” from Communist Yugoslavia.

Top Hit Replay ’71

Contour - 2870149 - 1971

According to the credits, the photo  is courtesy of London Weekend Television. All I can say is that the drugs must have ben stronger in ’71?

Harmony Revival

Swan Records - Swan 01 - 1974

Musically uninspiring middle-of-the-road. However, I’m loving the all-in-one suits or Onesies as we know them as now! As a group of people (and I realise this is very shallow...but) they don’t look like the most happening bunch. Especially the chap on the left who looks embarrassed by the whole affair. And I can’t blame him, having to stand on some tidal sands of some estuary.

Bistro! - Pierre Simone et son International Cafe Orchestra

Allegro - ALL 887 -1968

Franglaid standards anyone? The cover, whilst tres chique doesn’t quite stack up. Some camp older bloke is trying to get some sixteen year old hipster tiddly on a large glass of Brandy - pre Rohypnol days and coming to a Crimewatch soon.

Sally - Pride Of Our alley - Gerry Monroe

Chapter 1 - CHS 806

Winner of Opportunity Knocks, Monroe failed to achieve stardom. I think the art director of this cover may have had something to do with it? 

Russian Balalaika - Various

Melodia - CM 01859-60

There’s nothing like a cheery Russian doing the splits on a groovy cover.

Thanks I’ll Eat Here - Lowell George

WB 56 487  - 1979

Just a horrid picture that looks a bit fey. I think it might be the blue toweling dressing gown?

Musikalische Grusse Aus Niebull

M 17225

On the border of Denmark, this German town hasn’t done itself any favours by choosing this to front an LP. However, the content is on a par with the cover - dull.

A selection of promotional organ LPs. I love the “space” themes of these fairly ordinary records.