A treasured possession! This advertising sleeve features an advert one side and a great picture of the plant on the other (what I wouldn’t do to get hold of that equipment?). This sleeve came with Smash It Up on Big Beat by The Damned. Red vinyl and on Lyntone (not a flexi) LYN 11139

Lyntone was never a label as such, just a pressing plant mainly dealing in small run stuff, both regular vinyl, 7’s, LP’s and flexi’s. Early pressings are often under the Audio Plastics Ltd. name with a Lyntone catalogue number. Originally based in Regent Street, London, they later moved to the Holloway area in North London. The sleeve below also offers the company address. This pressing plant hit it’s Zenith in the DIY era of Punk in the late 70’s, early 80’s. The rise of digital formats and the demise of the novelty factor amongst others, led to closure of the plant in the late 80’s.

Over thirty years business, Lyntone had produced records for just about anyone and anybody that had some spare cash for a limited run. N.M.E., Private Eye, Flexi-Pop Magazine and Smash Hits were some of the magazines that used this promotional tool to “add value” and shelf presence to their publications. The most common, and dare I say, the least interesting are the many Readers Digest freebies that litter the catalogue with Easy Listening and Country & Western compilations. These flexis are worthless whereas The Beatles Fanclub flexis on Lyntone can fetch triple figures.

Below is a link to an incomplete Lyntone catalogue of flexi-discs. I have only included flexis rather than solid vinyl. The Flexi-Pop records also have a LYN catalogue number. This is very much a work in progress and I welcome any information that can expand this! If you have a flexi that isn’t on the list, please email me a scan of the disc and I’ll add it to the catalogue. I’m also looking for anyone who worked for Lyntone and would be willing to share their experiences/work/photos with us.