The Carvells

Sound For Industry - SFI 344 - 1978

A short sampler to promote their LP “Skateboard Rampage”. Pastiche Beach Boys sound was never really going to get anywhere in ’78.

The Red Crayola / 13TH Floor Elevators

Sound For Industry - SFI 347 - 1978

A double promotion from Radarscope Records (Costello’s label) 

The humble, disposable flexi disc will never be an audiophiles friend. Musically the majority tend to be dire and full of easy listening or common country - I’m thinking Readers Digest here. These are the easiest and cheapest flexi you are likely to find. At the other end of the scale (Beatles) the sound quality is no better, but are highly sought after by completists.

This page features just music that didn’t appear as a covermount, but as a promotional tool or as a musical entity in it’s own right such as the wonderful current issues by Joyful Noise Records.

Ira D. Sankey’s The Nine And Ninety

RCA Victor - 1955

A great picture backed double-sided 78rpm financed by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Unusual in many ways! 

An original soundtrack recording, music by Nino Rota. Rare Italian flexi promo for La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini. Undated, made by Publidisco.

The Eden Street Skiffle Group - Popular Skiffle

Headquarter & General Supplies Ltd..

This skiffle group featured on 6-5 Special, the Top Of The Pops of the late fifties and early sixties. This gem is a set of ten transparent 78rpm flexis that neatly, and uniquely (as far as I’m aware) fit in to slots at the corner of the card sleeve. Circa 1958 and rare.

Parade Des Succes - Disques Saphir DSP 12

An early French flexi featuring chanson of the day!

Les Chansons de Jan Rosol - Sung by Jan Rosol on his own guitar.

Lyntone LYN 695 - 1964

Crown Audition Record

Crown Radio Corporation - Japan

Unknown date and orchestra playing classical. Nice and unusual blood red!

China Pictorial


Another blood red flexi. This time sporting such populist tunes as; The East Is Red, When Sailing The Seas Rely On The Helmsman, A selection from Taking The Bandit Stronghold and The Song Of The Red Detachment Of Women.

Fifth Anniversary Radio 1

Sound For Industry SFI 127 - 1972

To help celebrate Radio 1’s fifth anniversary and the BBC’s fiftieth, a competition was run to who could submit the best lyric for a Radio 1 DJ. This copy was sent with compliments of Doreen Davies, Executive Producer for Radio 1, to a looser.

Judging by the content of the Radio 1 jingle on the disc, it must have been a really poor entry!

Disc, letter and mailer.

Singalong With The Cliff Adam Singers

Lyntone - LYN 357 - 1963

A feast of easy listening.

Max Bygraves

Christmas Dream / Jingle Bells

Lyntone - LYN 575/6 - 1964

Possibly given away at a venue called “Lake View” ?

Pat Travers Band - Makes No Difference

Sound For Industry - SFI 221 - 1976

Promo’ flexi and this one is signed!

Christine McVie - Excerpts From The New Solo Album - FLX 358


Rock The Nation / Space Station / Good Rockin’ Tonight

Sound For Industry - SFI 175

Fifth Angel

Eva-Tone Soundsheets - 103537-1st

A USA promo for their debut album.

Joy Division


Factory - FAC 28 - 1980

Lyntone - LYN 8187/8

About 75,000 pressed and given away in record stores.

Tom Robinson

Now Martin’s Gone / Atmospherics

Panic Records - PROMO 2A

Flexi Records Ltd

Stiff Little Fingers / Iggy Pop


Flexi Records Ltd

A good double sider and an excellent taster.

Motor Boys Motor / Robyn Hitchcock / db’s / Cosmopolitans

Albion Records - FREEBIE1 - 1982

A great sampler featuring the sought after Cosmopolitans track, “How To Keep Your Husband Happy”.

A Message From Leslie McKeown About His New Album “All Washed Up”

Egotrip Records EGO 001

Sound For Industry - SFI 483

Ex- Bay City Roller trys to promote his LP with an apt title.

Zerra 1

Lyntone - LYN 15506

Zerra 1 use the flexi to promote the highs - and lows of their UK tour supporting The Boomtown Rats.

The Wets


Enough Is Enuf


The Felicities / The Family

Fabulous Records - FAB 002

Flexi Records Ltd.


Disc Communications Ltd.


This flexi is the soundtrack from the film and came inside the programme pictured.

A Little Schubert -Peter Schaaf

Harper & Row - 1972

A little 5” flexi produced by the publishers to accompany the book of the same title. 

The Truth About Me - Elvis Presley

Rainbo (sic) Records

An American flexi that was presented with Weekend Mail. The 78 rpm gold flexi instructions on the rear suggest that if it slips, that you tape it to another record at the edges!

Bondage Promotion Presents Bondage


Sound For Industry 112

Early 70’s demo for rock group “Bondage” - sunk without trace!

Gillan / Gary Moore / Telephone

Purple Sky / Wishing Well / Squeeze

Flexi Records Ltd

Paul Nicholas

Lyntone - LYN 18192

A 5” promo flexi from 1986. 

Max Bygraves

Lyntone - LYN 221

A nice early disc featuring Max singing a witty ditty in a Rock ‘N’ Roll style called the “Hat Twist”.

Beltane Fire

XPS 212

A promo flexi from 1986 promoting their forthcoming LP, “Different Breed”.Formerly, The Blue Cats, there is a slight trace of their Rockerbilly roots in this flexi, masked by hints of Tenpole Tudor and Dexis Midnight Runners. Never mind...


The Tarney Spencer Band

Three’s A Crowd

Sound For Industry - SFI 335 - 1978

A quartet of snippets from this power pop band.


Girls In Love / I Don’t Wanna Dance / New Love

Sound For Industry - SFI 439 - 1979

Pretty dire pop that was trying too hard at the age of New Wave / Romantics. 

The Feelies

Extracts From The forthcoming Release...

Stiff Records / Lyntone 1980

Seann Triubhas - Pipe Major Robin Findlay Martin

Cameo Record

This is an oddity from South Africa. A 7.5” plastic coated card 78rpm disc. Thankfully it had the approval of the “Governing Body For Highland Dancing in Southern Africa” !

Flimsy Wrap - Devo

Lyntone - LYN 6290 / VDJ 27 - 1979

Free with the LP, “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo”

Features some live performance and general chatter. 

(Recorded Quotes From The Book) “You Scare Me To Death - Marc Bolan

Cherry Red - F CHERRY 29 - Lyntone LYYN 10086 - 1981

Free with 7” You Scare Me To Death this is a pretty flaky recording with lots of egocentric “I’s”.


Lamborghini Records -1984

Flexi Records

Extracts From The Electronic Album, “Novels For The Moons”

Plodding, basic Euro-synth. Kraftwerk meet Mike Oldfield.


Lyntone - LYN 12821 - 1983

Blinded By A Lie / Diesel In The Dust / When It’s Time To Rock

Promo for the “Making Contact” LP.

The Silkies

Lyntone - LYN 693

John Henry / All My Sorrows / Blood Red River / Blue

A rare gem released for Hull Students Charity Rag. Four folk tunes from students of Hull Uni’, they went on to sign for Fontana and were known as The Silkie.

The Impossible Dreamers


Lyntone - LYN 11372

Later produced by Johnnie Marr

Coda Records Sampler

Sound For Industry - SFI 471

A sampler of Coda’s first four LP’s.


Forged In Fire

Sound For Industry - SFI 471 - 1983

Jesus Couldn’t Drum

Beat The Dog / Suzie

Lost Moment Records - LMF 004

Flexi Records Ltd. - 1985

Releasing this in five colours still didn’t raise the game for J.C.D. 


Stand Proud

Safari Records - FLX 215 - 1981

Flexi Records Ltd.

Free with the first 100,000 copies of the EP “Four More From Toyah”. So, hardly an exclusive?

Famous Potatoes / Woebegone Brothers / Ben Okafor / Sublime

Greenbelt Festival Souvenir - 1989

A Mixed bag from this long-running festival. 


Robin Hytchcock

Grooving On A Inner Plane / It’s A Mystic Trip

SPURT 1 - Lyntone - 9751/2 - 1981

Free with the single “The Man Who Invented Himself”

Metrotone / Isan

Honey Thunder 001 - 1998

Free with Honey Thunder fanzine.

Meet Julie Miller

Myrrh - 1989

An unusual release from this religious label.  


The Mo-dettes - Twist & Shout

Mode 1.5 - LYN 8069 - 1980

Free with the first 20,000 copies of Paint It Black.


Oxford University Press - oup 135

Lyntone - LYN 3374 - 1976

Excerpts from a forthcoming musical.

Pasodobles Torreros

Hispa Vox - Discoflex - 1961

A nice early gatefold sleeve containing a clear flexi featuring typical bullfighting style music. A great little tourist piece.


Gary Numan - I Can’t Stop

NU 17 - 1986

Lyntone - LYN 17693

This flexi uses Mr Numan to promote a couple of new releases by Steve Braun and Hohokam who were on Gary’s now defunct label, NUMA.


Excerpts From The Album, “Perfect Timing” - McAuley Schenker Group

Flexi Record Ltd.- 1987

Reinvented Michael Schenker Group 


Girl Of My Best Friend / Jane Pow

Ambition Records - AMB 04 - 1989

Split release from this Southampton label. Issued in hand-stamped

brown paper bag. 


Fan Club Flexi Disc - Vice Squad

Sound For Industry - SFI 685 - FREEBIE 1

Evil - Living On Dreams - Resurrection - Still Dying

Bristol Punksters let rip on this fan club flexi. 

The Sun Has Got His Hat On - Nemo

Sound For Industry - SFI 425 - 1971

A horrid scan of a dreadful record by the self publicist Jonathan King, who masqueraded as “Nemo”, amongst others. A vanity pressing if ever there was one.  

Moe Bandy / Roy Drusky / Gerry Ford

CBS - MB1 - 1981

Sound For Industry - 600

A Country smattering from CBS

The Dogs A’Amour - Medicine Man

Lyntone - LYN 21300 - 1988

Pre-release promo for the LP, “In The Dynamite Jet Saloon”.


MCA Records - Sampler

Lyntone - LYN 5556/7 - 1978

Steely Dan, Shirley Ellis, Ronnie Sessions, McGann-Evans, Van McCoy and Andrew Lloyd Webber. An odd mix considering the date.


The Frank & Walters


We Are The Frank And Walters / Humphrey 



Lyntone - LYN 14084

Sampler from the debut album, “Taken By Storm”.

Laurie Johnson

Evatone 11118148x

An American promo for the works of Laurie Johnson. It features the television score for The Avengers and “First Men In The Moon”.

The Real People

Someone / What U Want

Clear promo from 1993 to promote the LP “Marshmellow Lane” which wasn’t released until 2012. Apparently a real influence on Oasis who supported the band.