A trio from Playbirds, the most interesting of which is The Hot One which features the ill-fated Mary Millington. This gem is supposed to have ‘Mary’s Final & Frankest Words’. Somewhat sensationalist really as she is commentating on a silk and satin fashion show.

Millington was a major name in the Sullivan porn stable, starring in several films including a film called The Playbirds, a commercial success that was heavily featured in Sullivans other speciality mags. She later went on to have a cameo role in The Sex Pistols ‘Great Rock & Roll Swindle’. Neither she or Sid Vicious lived to see the film; Millington committing suicide aged 33 in 1979 and Vicious dying of an overdose the same year.

Below, another duo from the David Sullivan stable, Whitehouse. Amazing to think that so much of this stuff can end up in a slice of West Ham!  

Rapier Talks 2 - Half French, Half Indian - Vicky

Rapier Talks 4 - Sarah & Andy On The Job!

Rapier Talks 6 - Nobby ‘N’ Rosie

Rapier Talks 8 - Hear Torrid Tracey’s Randy Secrets

Rapier Talks 11 - Uncensored - Now, Hear Naughty Norma

Rapier Talks 12 - Uncensored - Now, Hear Horny Honey Potts

Rapier Talks Vol. 2 / No. 1 - Hear Two Female Lovers Hard At It Together - Dolly & Honey

Rapier Talks Vol. 2 / No. 2 - Hear Wales’ Very Own Randy Rosie

Rapier Talks Vol. 2 / No. 3 - Listen Into Lusty Laffs & Lurid Revelations From Gorgeous Gloria

Rapier Talks Vol. 2 / No. 4 - Blue Gags Bonanza

Rapier Talks Vol. 2/ No. 5 - Blue Gag Bonanza

Rapier Talks Vol. 2 / No. 9 - Irish Annabelle's Confessions to Rapier

Rapier Talks Vol. 2 / No. 12 - Where To Find Sex In London

Rapier Talks Vol. 3 / No. 1 - Bawdy British Limericks

Rustler - Hear Tantalising Tina

Rustler 2 - Listen To Juicy Lucy

Rustler 3 - Sally

Rustler 6 - Miss Cheeky Chops

Rustler 7 - Hear Wanton Wilma With Kinky Rita

Rustler 8 - Hear Randy Rosamund’s Secrets

Rustler Vol. 2 No. 1 - Hear Plain Jane Feeling Juicy

Rustler Vol. 2 No. 2 - Hear The Sexy Secrets Of Pandora’s Big Box

Rustler Vol. 2 No. 3 - She’s Ripe, Randy & Uproarious Rita

Rustler Vol. 2 No. 5 - Stag Gags Galore!

Rustler Vol. 2 No.10 - Sonya’s Sex Diary

Rustler Vol. 3 No. 1 - Wouldn’t You Like Some Sex For Breakfast

Rustler Vol. 3 No. 4 - Horny Highlights From Come With Me

Rustler Vol. 3 No. 5 - Sizzling Sheila

Rustler Vol. 3 No. 6 - More Meaty Irish Confessions For Randy Rustler Readers With Kinky Kelly

The sex industry has never been backwards in coming forward and has often been an innovator and driving force where technology is concerned (see VHS Vs. Beta battle). However, when it comes to the flexi-disc, it is more a question of ‘monkey see, monkey do’. Realising how cheap it was to cut a flexi, the mucky-mag machine could put out a bit more bang for minimal bucks.

This page features some of these X-rated releases, most of which sound tame and limp - Carry-On stylee. Some were meant as an added accompaniment to the pictures. Quite how you were supposed to handle the magazine, tone-arm and anything else that needed handling? A very dexterous one-handed shuffle?