Jez Randell’s All Vinyl Experience Podcast #1

> May 20th, 2012

The first podcast from J.R.A.V.E. which is a selection of great tunes from all genres, and this first podcast includes a bonus interview (hence the length!) with composer, artist, mash-guitar creator and ex-Primal Scream bass player, Henry Olsen. I hope you enjoy it and keep coming back for more!


Public Image Ltd - Public Image Ltd.

Grant Green - Sookie Sookie

R.L.Burnside - It's Bad You Know

John Pierce - McGees Rag

Tasvallan Presidenti - Milky Way Moses

Warm Jets - Shell Shock

Burning Spear - Garvey's Ghost

Smith - Baby It's You

Mbira - South Africa

Fab Samperi - In The River

Primal Scream - Loaded

Dobie Grey - Out On The Floor

Jed & Lucia - April Showers

The Psychedelic Aliens - Blofonyobi Wo Atale

Fox - S-S-S Single Bed

The Heavy - How Do You Like Me Now

Spanky Wilson - Sunshine Of Your Love

Anandar Shankar - Light My Fire

The Slits - Man Next Door

The Shapes - Wot's For Lunch Mum?

The Buddy Rich Big Band - The Beat Goes On

Sound Dimension - Great Mu Ga Ru Ga

The Apples - Up-Skirt

Nelson Riddle - Lolita Ya Ya

The Dreamlets - The Way You Are

The Clash - White Man In Hammersmith Palais

Breakestra - Hit The Flor!

Clarence Carter - Funky Fever




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Podcast II

One hour of tunes old and newish. Some you’ll know and some you won’t.

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Intro - “Sookie Sookie - Grant Green

The Oud & The Fuzz

John Berberian And The Rock East Ensemble - Middle Eastern Rock

Verve Forecast FTS-3073 - 1969

Probably John Berberian & The Middle Eastern Ensemble, there are three variants on this DJ promo copy! Whatever it is, the music is nothing short of stunning. The track chosen is the best on the LP with a great mix of Oud and Guitar (John Berberian and Joe Beck respectively). If you are into your crossover world/rock/groove then this is the one to get! 

Phantom Voice

Shuri Eiko

London - TOP 708 - 1968

Another promo copy as this was released on King Records with the same catalogue number. This young singer headed away from home in Japan in 1964 to the lights of Las Vegas. Two years later she was back home, at the age of 18. This single was released in June, 1968 just before she returned to the USA.

A wonderful slice of Japanese Psych - a little known classic!

Wondrous Place

Billy Fury - Billy Fury

Decca - ACL 1047 - 1969

Wondrous Place was released in 1960 - Decca F11267, and although I have a copy, it’s too beaten up for play! So, after a long trawl, I found a clean copy of this 1960 comp’.

The song reached #25 in the charts in 1960 and has been used for a Toyota advert and has been covered several times, most notably by the Arctic Monkeys.

The Bike Beat

The Rally Rounders

Lyntone Recording - LYN 573 - 1964

It wouldn’t be the All Vinyl Experience without a flexidisc making an appearance.

The Rally Rounders, also known as The Outlaws, were a house band for Joe Meek and apparently a young Ritchie Blackmore played for them. Here they are peddling a poppy promo for Raleigh Bicycles.  

Speed King

Deep Purple - Deep Purple In Rock

Harvest - SHVL 777 - 1970

Here Blackmore uses his whammy bar to great effect in the intro of this Purple classic. This intro’ was cut out on the original US version - shame!

Much of the lyrics are ‘borrowed’ from old Rock ‘n’ Roll tunes. it’s an ear-bleeding gem!


Spinning Toe-Hold

Creation - Pure Electric Soul

Harvest - SHVL 619 - 1977

Japanese rock band that never really took off in the West. The Japanese release of this, their third and final LP, features naked boys on a bus! This is an Australian release that is a little less controversial.

A superb mix of Blues, Soul and Funk riffs - worth checking out. 


The Tights - Bad Hearts / Cracked / It

Cherry Red - CHERRY 1 - 1978

A firm favourite since release, this record hasn’t lost it’s allure. Only two releases from this Worcester Punk band until reformation and release of some new work.

If there’s a gig in the offing, put me down for a ticket - love ‘em!

You Make Me Sick

Satans Rats - You Make Me Sick / Louise

DJM Records - DJS 10840 - 1978

Another slice of Midlands joy. Hailing from Evesham, this lot turned into The Photos. My original copy was loaned to one Simon Gilbert of Suede fame and never returned! This copy was purchased from the Mike Reed collection - bizarre!

Linda Vindaloo

The Valves - It Don’t Mean Nothing At All / Linda Vindaloo

Albion - DEL 3 - 1979

From Edinburgh and releasing only three singles, this B-side has a great gritty bass that cuts the air with attitude.


Black Uhuru - Red

Island Records - ILPS 9629 - 1981

A pretty commercial Reggae LP, making #28 in the charts. Listening through it there’s plenty of reason for the popularity. Another firm favourite tune and one of several that are worth pulling off this great LP.

Dub Together

Death In Vegas - Dub Together / Rematerialised

Drone - DRONE12TWO - 2004

A now legendary remix of Spiritualized “Come Together”. Just goes to show that Dub is more than just hitting the echo button.

Back At The Chicken Shack

Jimmy Smith - Back At The Chicken Shack

Blue Note - BST-84117 - 1963

Recorded in 1960, and released in ’63, this has to be my favourite Jimmy Smith LP. This has to be one of the best examples of Hammond playing...anywhere. 


The Sweet - Blockbuster! / Need A Lot Of Lovin’

RCA Victor - RCA 2305 - 1973

The only number one hit for the group, this top bit of Glam that still holds up today and out of many Glam bands have a good catalogue to dip into.

These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

Balsara And His Sining Sitars - Great International Hits

Odeon - S-MOCE 2002 - 1968

An Indian cash-in on the 60’s appetite for all things East. This LP is an odd compilation of hits including Puppet On A String, Edelweiss, I Want To Hold Your Hand and so on. However, what was pretty throw away, is a sought after delicacy with its’ Eastern groove.


The Cousins - Kili-Watch / Fuego

Palette - PI 101 - 1961

Hailing from Belgium, on this track they sound every bit of an early surf band. This song is perhaps one of their best and can be found on several late reissues.

Orgasm Addict

Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict / Whatever Happened To?

United Artists - UP 36316 - 1977

The first United Artists single, this was to lead the way as a near perfect Punk Pop song and a style that would have the Buzzcocks punctuating the charts for another couple of years.