Petrofina Ltd. - Domestic Oil-Firing Service

Lyntone - LYN 124

Presented with Car Mechanics Magazine

An early Lyntone flexi with a very posh BBC type voice flogging the benefits of oil-fired central heating. Riveting.

Blue Danube - Triotron Orchestra

Dubrico / Sound Distributors

This little five inch card backed 78rpm is the earliest sound card that I currently own. Dating from about 1935, it features a fairly standard classical belt of the Blue Danube by the company orchestra, renamed for the advertiser, Triotron. This company made valves, radios and speakers in the 30’s.

Durium Records set up their factory in Slough. It lasted from 1932 to 1936 and underwent several names; Durium Records, Dubrico and finally Sound Distributors. This example has both Sound Distributors and the Dubrico name. 

Currys Christmas Party Record

Associated Recordings AR-CI

Eight blistering tracks to get the party in the mood. That is providing you were willing to part with 2/6 in the first place. Merry Christmas!

Stately Homes Calendar Commentary 1963

Odd double-sided flexi with a talk-through of a calendar discussing notable points about British stately homes.

A pair of picture backed German Pepsi flexis that look as if they date from the 70’s, but the logo on the Pepsi cap suggests the 50’s.

Get Hep With Hepworths featuring Johnny Johnston & The Keynotes

Printed Sound

A little groover I’m rather fond of and have slipped this in to the unsuspecting great and stoned of Ladbroke Grove on occasion...

The Pop Way To Save

A 1969 Post Office drive to get those youngsters saving. Groovy - or not.

Cherry B Singer Competition

A great promotional flexi, complete with entry forms. Five different tunes each by a different singer. The winner has to judge them on merit and can win; A Sunbeam Alpine, a Lambretta TV 175 or a stereogram. There were also a stack of secondary prizes. Love to hear from the main winners!

A quartet from Barker & Dobson / Bensons

Sonoco Ltd. London

Great sleeves, shame about the music.


SONO 2100, SONO 2101, SON 2102, SON 2102

BP Touring Service

An odd fifties picture backed promo by BP containing a dodgy German drinking song - from the days when you could get smashed and drive. Quite why this would endear you to fill up at, “BP’s choice of service stations covers almost all Europe and wherever you see the famous green and yellow shield? 

Printed by Publimer Printed Sound, USA.

Alston Wispair - Jack de Manio

Recorded Sound Limited

An unusual flexi, aimed at the dentist advertising it’s peaceful Wispair drill with it’s air-bearing!

I wonder how much they paid Mr de Manio?

You’re Never Alone With A Strand

Hardy Record Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

A double-sided promo for Strand cigarettes. A rare gem from the late 50’s.

Trying to sort out how to lay these little blighters out has caused the usual nightmares - chronological, artist, label, style, colour etc. etc! The sort of High Fidelity stuff.

So, I’ve gone chronological (ish) but lumped manufacturers together. Dating some of these can be a little tricky. If I’ve got it wrong, please let me know!

Cherry Heering


This square flexi was printed in Denmark and features a gopping song all about Cherry Brandy sung by Raquel Rastenni.

Cognac Otard

Printed Sound Ltd., London

Another dire drinks advert.

Pontin’s - Thumbs Up - Book Early


A good early Lyntone ad for Pontin’s, the holiday camp.

Humphrey Lyttelton And His Band

Summer County

Lyntone - LYN 254

A very common flexi. However, you try finding one in the original sleeve!

You’re Never Alone With A Strand

Hardy Record Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

A personal message from the director to suppliers, the one below is presumed later with colour picture and the addition of “The Strand” a crooner’s track added to the other side. Circa 1958.

A Short Talk On Kiln Dried Timber

Kiln Owners’ Association

Lyntone - LYN 350

A real gem. No, honestly - a gem!

Rank Audio Plastics - Sampler - 1960

A major find! Not only does it feature the delectable Mylene Demongeot, but it has the pressing rates on the rear. This sampler is promoting the flexi pressing plant to prospective businesses. Audio Plastics went on to press very early Lyntone flexis and as has it, a Mr Paul S. Lynton was the General Manager and Producer according to the credits on the rear. Coincidence?

Mimosept - The Doctor Speaks - A Private And Friendly Talk For Women

Lyntone - LYN 164 - 1961

Introduced by a lady who introduces a doctor and HE then offers his eloquent advice on menstruation and hygene. The reverse has space for useful numbers; doctor, hospital, chemist.


The early years - 1930’s - 60’s


HMV Junior Joy Ride

Lyntone - LYN 199 / 200

An early advert for HMV Children’s Record Club, introduced by Steve Race.

A product of it’s time it features “Black Sambo” alongside classics such as Swan Lack and Whinnie The Pooh. 

Music To Shave By - Remington

Auravision - 1959

According to the rear, this was the, First Hi-Fi recording ever to be included in a National Magazine”. Produced by Auravision, a division of Columbia Records, this freebie included Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Rosemary Clooney and The Hi-Lo’s.

The Secret Of Beauty And Healthy Sleep

Durium Products (G.B.) Ltd. Slough

A delicious little 3” 78. Sadly not in great condition and has yet to be played. 

Hoover - Have You Heard The News?

Lyntone - LYN 161 - 1961

A great little promo for the new Hoover washing machine with a semi-spoken. “More time for living without wash da. Wash day, get away!”.

Unknown Narrator - Nursery Favourites

Heinz Baby Foods

Audio Plastics Ltd. - LYN 767 / NE/PSL/1

This came in picture sleeve. 6 narrated nursery favourites. 

sound for industry

Meet The Liberator Fully Automatic

Lyntone -  LYN 763/4

Promoting the value of having one of them fangled automatic washing machines. Dennis Norden talks his way through the B side on “How And Why I Became A Washing Expert”. Nothing to do with the pay-packet was it Dennis?


Lyntone LYN 708/9

Side one has the wonderful scenario of two couples on a skiing holiday, one more experienced than the other. Whilst this sit-com is amusing, it’s the B-side that really works. “Limber Up With Fenella Fielding” is a double entendre delight, with her husky gin and twenty a day voice.

Nothing short of a gem! 

Ron Goodwin - Kellogg’s Present Noddy Goes Shopping

Lyntone - LYN 935 - 1966

One of a few Noddy flexis produced by Kellogg’s. 

Bob Rogers with Playground

Sounds For Industry - SFI 69

A neat little promo’ for Dairy Express.

Know Your German Wine

Sounds For Industry - SFI 37

Realistically, a flexi is never going to educate about the complexities of a system where the quality is based on the quantities of sugar in the grapes. Still, it made a change from a bottle of stout.  

Take A Spin With Sound For Industry - SFDK MIJM

What better way to promote your flexi product than a flexi. This card backed flexi features a babe of the day. Undated and think it is late 60’s, early 70’s.

Sing With Davenports

Sounds For Industry - SFI 103

Midlands Davenports had a home delivery service with the strap line, “Beer At Home Means Davenports”. 

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

Danish Bacon Producers

CBS Special Products - SFDK-17H - 1969

One of the many promos by the Special Products department of CBS. A great re-working of the Ohio Players classic.

Top copy is an advance copy for retailers and below is the flexi you could obtain through several purchases.

Play Time On The Hammond Organ

Lyntone - LYN 565

Recorded for Hammond Organ (UK) Ltd., this demo was to encourage prospective purchasers.

The Bike Beat - The Rally Rounders

Lyntone LYN 573 - 1964

A great promotional flexi featuring The Rally Rounders who were actually Joe Meek’s house band, The Outlaws. This band featured Ritchie Blackmore. However, did he play on this actual flexi? A great tune backed by plenty of myth.

Studio Girl - A Personal Message For You From Hollywood USA!

Audio Plastics (Lyntone) - LYN 774/5

A belter, promoting pyramid selling of cosmetics the USA way in the UK. So very persuasive! 

Ron Goodwin - Kellogg’s Present Noddy At The Seaside

Lyntone - LYN 1355 - 1968

A little gem from 1968. Enid Blyton created Noddy in 1949 and the character is still being exploited, erm, sold today. However, from a distant memory I think that in 1968 the Noddy franchise would have been waning, making it a pretty cheap marketing tool. That said, astute brand managers recognised that cereal purchasing parents would have had an affinity with Noddy, allowing both brands, Kellogg’s and Noddy, to be sold to a new generation.

Gibbs Presents The Mike Sammes Singers -

Lyntone LYN 1342

Free with any large purchase of Gibbs SR, Signal or Fluoride Toothpaste - Happy Christmas!

Chipmunk Crisps Limited - Chipmunk Spoken Here

Lyntone - LYN 476

An odd and early ad’ for a new brand of crisps by Oxo. The recording is the first in a series of adverts that were due to go out on television. This would have been sent out as a ‘warmer’ to distributers and shopkeepers. The gatefold sleeve story-boards the first ad’.  

Dorothy Vernon - Music Maker Nylons - Lyntone - LYN 1342

A really unusual gem promoting Dorothy Vernon Nylons. This flexi comes boxed with misprinted card to “hold” the disc. It states 78rpm when the disc is 33 rpm. Originally came with a pair of tights, now missing - No, I’m not wearing them...honest!

Steiner - The Care of Your Real Hairpiece

Lyntone - LYN 1245

As flexible as your new look! What better way to wig out to this 60’s gem?

Raticate - Tavolek Laboratories Limited Lyntone -  LYN 761

A gruesome promo circa ‘65

When It Comes To The Crunch (It’s Smiths IT IS!) - Barnes / Adams 1966

Lyntone - LYN 1021/2

A superb bit of groove sounding not unlike a Georgie Fame number. Played out as the final record at Dan Baker (The Baker Brothers) wedding. A real gem and the best (so-far) flexi to have had the All Vinyl Experience!

Gestetner London

Lyntone - LYN 351

Recorded at the factory, they were the largest manufacturers of duplicators!