The glam years - 1970’s

Kensitas - Spot The Sounds

Flexi Records Ltd

Do you recognise the wheezing, the pump on the iron-lung?

The Charles Kinloch Signature Tune

Lyntone - LYN 1674

A retailers preview of a wine merchants Christmas promotion. One of the first companies to use a “split-ad” technique with two short ads in a commercial break.

Partytime Hits Record

Lyntone LYN 2656/7 - 1973

A double sided delight from HP with a segue of the usual hits. This is one of two and you needed two tokens from the HP Epicure range to secure your delights. Alternatively, you could stump up 61p for one of eight Music For Pleasure LP’s.

The New Sound - Up, Up And Away

TWA - Americom Corp

A really groovy cover for this TWA freebie. On red plastic and as you can see, hasn’t fared well!

ASL For Better Homes & Gardens

Lyntone - LYN 6695/6 - 1979

Who’d have thought that Mother Goose would the ideal tool to sell ASL’s Airflow products? Performed by Cheery Orchard School.

Trutex 4Teen Disco Music

Lyntone - LYN 5280

Trutex 4Teen Presents Noel Edmunds Favourite Hits

Lyntone - LYN 4087

Deal for Mr Edmonds.

The Thouroughreds

Lyntone - LYN 3494

Massey-Ferguson backed flexi using songs by the excellent folkie, Ian Campbell.

A selection of flexis free with Smiths Crisps from 1976. According to the leaflet below there were eight to collect.

Lyntone - LYN 3142/3

Bay City Rollers

Lyntone - LYN 3146/7

The Glitter Band

Lyntone - LYN 3144/5

Gary Glitter

Lyntone - LYN 3148/9

Showaddywaddy / Sweet Sensation

Lyntone - LYN 3150/1


Lyntone - LYN 3152/3


Lyntone - LYN 3154/5

Status Quo

Lyntone - Lyn 3156/7

The Alliance - Palace Of Varieties No1, No2 & No5

Lyntone - LYN 3041, 3070, 3167 - 1975

A teaser for potential suppliers of Cadbury’s Schweppes stock.

Cresta, Harleys Jam, Pepsi, Typhoo Tea pop being some of the items. 

Pete Murray Plays Host To Shell

Lyntone LYN 3202 - 1975

Tips on insulation - no change from today. Ironic that it should come from Shell.

The Bernard Manning Mackeson Surprise

Sound For Industry - SFI 119

Early ’70’s promo from the Mackeson Stout. A single side of “hilarity” of pre-P.C. malarky. I think the “surprise” element is that the jokes are pretty clean for Mr Manning

Ribena - Sounds Of The Sea

Lyntone - LYN 3249

A Ribena promotion with a tie-up with the Save The Whale Fund. Read by Michael Aspel and comes with booklet.

Esso Blue - The Great Blue Singer

Sound For Industry - SFI 88-33

Arranged by Dick Walter. This little ditty for the flammable fuel isn’t anywhere as good as “Boom, boom, boom, boom - Esso Blue!”. Takes me back....

There’s No Place Like Maples

Sounds For Industry - SFI 178

Promo for Maples that lasts under 45 seconds. Bizarre jingle!

The Tefal Waltzing Pan Tune

Sound For Industry - SFI 131

A tempter for potential Tefal stockists

Bernard Cribbins presents a personal message about your new Hornby train set

Sound For Industry

A freebie with a new Hornby train set. Containing important advice about keeping pets out of the room, and not putting the set out on a springy carpet.

The Eavesdropper  Stopper PD-101 restricted Police Radio Scrambler

Eva-Tone EV82768

A US promo for a radio scrambler making sure those crooks and cons can’t catch your order for late night pizza.

I’m loving the cop which is a tiny inset on the gatefold sleeve!

Suncrush - Jungle At Night

Lyntone - LYN 3332

For a thirst-quenching drink, they certainly produced a very dry record.

Johnny Morris’s Welcome To Sunshine ’71 With Clarksons

Sound For Industry

Good old Johnny. Here he promotes jet holidays abroad to sunny Spain with some very typical FX in the background, mixed with the aplomb of a deaf gnu.

Michael Aspel Talks About Britannica 3

Lyntone LYN 2795

A delight to have the smooth Mr Aspel waxing lyrical about the new and enlarged Britannica 3, with a quiz on the B-side!

Jim Baillie Blows Our Horn - North Of Scotland Hydro Electric Board

Lyntone - LYN 2178

An interesting recruitment flexi in the hunt for new board members.

Demonstration Disc Introducing the Jupiter 2 - Brian Sharp

Lyntone - LYN 3593 - 1976

A groovy family around the even groovier Jupiter 2.

School Leavers Going To Work / College

The Goons Barclays Bank - Sounds For Industry SFI 442

One of several banks aiming at the student market.

Keith Prowse Budget Plan - A Record From Mike Aspel

Sound For Industry - SFI 341

Here we have Michael, or the more informal Mike, waxing lyrical about a monthly budget plan where you put by a bit each month and order ten times more of records! So, 10/- a week gets £20 worth of records. Sign me up now! And, if you’re really up to date you can order cassettes too - Wow. In debt and stuck with a worthless format?

Party Noises - Issued by the Cadbury’s Whole Nut Party & Fruit & Nut Party

Lyntone LYN 1358 & LYN 1359

couple of tasty gems promoting Cadbury’s chocolate bars. Yum!

Sadly neither as good as, “Everyone’s a Fruit & Nut-case” - Remember that one? 

Scottish Magic - Younger’s Tartan

Lyntone - LYN 1982

Another booze freebie. A ripping cover that brings back all those memories of 70’s pubs - patterned carpet, knobbly pint pots and smoke  A single sided choon, and not a very good one at that.

Your World Walkabout Passport - Eastern Daily Press & Quantas

Sound For Industry - SFI 151

A great little giveaway from a newspaper in conjunction with Qantas. Winners would get a round the world holiday for four and £100 spending money. Well, that’d be enough to get a meal for four in Heathrow today!

Bleaching Of Textiles

UG 45

M3 272455

One of the oddest with a talk with four ‘gentlemen’ all about bleaching. There’s hints of clinking of glasses and smugness. Out of all the flexis I own - this one is the funniest. Apparently you can get two more records about bleaching.

London Philharmonic Orchestra - Peter & The Wolf

Lyntone LYN 2837/8

A nice little presentation from Ribena with read-a-long booklet.

Pantomime Hits Record

Lyntone LYN 2763/4

Another sauce of delight from HP! 

Party Time

Sound For Industry - SFI 109

Presumed promo for milk as the foldout booklet contains recipes for party food and drink - most containing milk! A CBS Special Products promo, it contains two tracks - Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum and Chirpy Chirpy, Cheep Cheep.

Jeff Wayne - Pledge

Lyntone LYN 2731

A pop odyssey from War of The Worlds’ composer Jeff Wayne. It’s no epic but at least this promo’ for furniture polish may have helped to pay the bills? 

Rothwell Plant Breeders - Claremont Barley

Lyntone - LYN 1991

Flexi gold! “This is the stuff farming’s about”!

Disease resistant barley, crops early, good strong stems. What’s not to like?


sound for industry



Sacha Distel / Johnny Harris

Sound For Industry SFI 83

Ready Brek plugging a couple of LP’s in the easy sector. Was this their target audience? 

Trutex 4Teen

Lyntone - LYN 3382

Trutex combine with 4Teen Magazine with a competition to promote the product.