Action Navy - The Royal Navy


No date or catalogue number, presumed early 80’s. Produced for the recruitment teams at R.N.  

Breaker Strong Malt Lager

Level 42 - Love Games

Lyntone - LYN 12914 - 1982

This stuff came in lurid turquoise tins and was one of the first super strength lagers. I’m not entirely convinced that Love Games is an appropriate title, given the strength of the lager!

Acorn Green Forever - The Bee Bops Feat. David Bellamy

Lyntone - LYN 17917 - 1986

In ’86, Acorn Green was released on unsuspecting children promoting an environmental angle. No bad thing, and involved David Bellamy who appears as guest on this flexi’. However, Acorn Green was created by Tomy, the toy giant and was a tool to sell the characters globally. 

Comby Competition

Lyntone - LYN 13179

Hairdressing advertising extravaganza! The competition is to write a jingle for Comby. Who won this I wonder and how many entrants were there?

Barbie & The Rock Stars - Dressing Up

Lyntone - LYN 17809 - 1986

A pretty late release for Mattel. Cd’s were still too expensive? Made exclusively for the “Barbie Friends Club”

On The Street With Mike Smith

Nat West - Lyntone - LYN 18790

Mike Smith does the rounds trying to sell banking to the youth market. I wonder which marketing exec’ thought that Mike Smith would be a ‘connecting’ voice with school leavers?  

Wonderfuel Gas! - Madeline Bell

Flexi Records Ltd. - 1982

A preview of North Sea Gas PR Campaign sung by Soulstress, Madeline Bell - Well, it pays the rent. 

Get Up And Go With 7UP

Clear preview of a forthcoming 7UP promotion aimed at retailers of the fizzy pop.

D.J. Rock & Roll Show

Sounds For Industry

PBF 0005 - 1981

Free from 7Up


Sound For Industry - SFI 499

Advertising a graphic studio in Leeds who can help with your advertising needs. Ironically, this is a poor advert.

Holimarine Holiday Villages

Sound For Industry - SFI 487

A pretty awful Calypsoesque bit of nonsense about staying with the budget Butlins.

Yellow Buses - Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - 1983

Sound For Industry - SFI 733

This flexi promotes Yellow Buses of Bournemouth and comes in envelope and timetable! Somehow it was sponsored by the Arts Council.

British Airways - Fly The Flag

HEA Productions - SFI 564

“We’ll take more care of you. Fly the flag. Fly the flag”.

Patriotic stirrings or poor pop?

North Sea Gas Folk Trio - Forties 10

Sounds For Industry - SFI 788-1

A BP promo promoting a couple of songs from the North Sea Gas Trio’s album “From Fields Afar”. Catchy tunes, Black Black Gold and North Sea Gas. Did it worry the charts? 

Cream - I Feel Free

The New Renault 21

Presumed 1986 when the 21 was launched. Square magazine issue. I wonder if Jack Bruce got one as a swap for the tune? Great rock tune spoilt by a smug sounding chap extolling the virtues of the 21 - rear split seats, surge of power from the 125 bhp engine giving a top speed of 125 mph. Prices start at £6485 - bargain!

The War Song - Pepsi

Flexi Records Ltd. - 1984

A pretty poor cover promo’ from Pepsi. Not Steve Levine singing.

Bloop - Bruton Music

Flexi Records Ltd.

A great little self promotional item from Bruton Music. In silver, the disc has a shonky Sci-Fi feel with even a mention of hedgehogs on stilts. This has to be one of the best bits of crap released on a flexi. Bless....

Hi Tek 3 & Ya Kid K

Spin That Wheel (Turtles Get Real)

KO 3 - 1990 - 5”

Once again, Kellogg’s get on the flexi wagon hoping turtles sell Frostie’s. A bit more up-to-date than a tiger? 

Britain’s Noisiest Crisp - Golden Wonder

Sounds For Industry SFI 709-352

Although this has 709 in front, I suspect the actual catalogue number is 352. Stop yawning in the back row!



David Hamilton - We Can Help

Lyntone - LYN 10972

DJ David Hamilton temps us with personal credit from Provident. Credit - that’ll be the ’80’s then.   

sound for industry

flexi records ltd. & others

Computer & Video Games - Thompson Twins

Flexi Records Ltd. - FLX- 376-2

A free game for the Spectrum. It makes for blinding listening being a computer programme!

Technotronic & Ya Kid K

Get Up (Before The Night Is Over)

KO 5 - 1991 - 5”

Still flogging that horse. 

Konica Pop

Lyntone - LYN 11763 - 1980

Promoting the Konica Pop, this flexi also has an offer for a compelation, “Bop, Stroll, Roll”, offering £1 off the price. The comp’ contains luminaries such as Adam & The Ants, Abba, Heatwave and Champaign. An incongruous mix!