Songs For Swinging Voters

Lyntone -  LYN 586/7

Issued by the Conservative and Unionist Central Office.

Perhaps not the best conceived title for a 1960’s floppy?

The Third Way - 25L - 12

No clues as to how this was given away - God’s mysterious ways eh?

Harry Edward Speaks...

Audio Plastics - LYN 927

Speaking with a gentle authoritative tone, Mr Edwards fine words are somewhat comedic with a Wossy overtone. Spiwitual weeding.                 

Harold Macmillan - Roll-Call For Victory 1958

Hardy Record Manufacturing Co. Limited - M.C.7

An outright slating of Socialism in a paranoid post-war Britain. “We are the party of no single class or section”. Indeed....

SU Bible Reading Centenary Souvenir Record

SU 1979

Scripture Reading celebration in gold vinyl no less. Not real gold, that would have been divine.

Presencia De Nabidad - Mexico S.A.

Mexican Christmas flexi on white vinyl cased in double fold-over and envelope. Possibly the most bizarre Christmas tune I’ve heard, including whistles, kiddy choir, bird song and accordion?

Garden Bird Songs RSPB

Sound For Industry - SFI 415

A promo tool by the RSPB to recruit new members.

Home Recording For Musicians

Evatone 832585x

Implanted into the cover, this flexi has some great clips that are ripe for sampling! Not so sure about the model on the cover. Is it Sting?! 

Learning French The Modern Way - McGraw-Hill - 1967

A set of American produced flexis. Each book contains a set of flexis on a ring binder and you just fold them over and place on the turntables - neat!

BBC Pronunciation Practice

In conjunction with Sydney Stevens Publishing each of these flexis comes with booklet.

Birds Of Town & Country - John Kirby


Sound For Industry - SFI 304

Comes with simple single folded information sheet

Garden Bird Songs RSPB

Lyntone - LYN 3476/7

A re-issue of SFI 415, but placed in a picture sleeve.

Unusual Bird Calls

The Encyclopedia Of Birds

Sound For Industry

Free with parts 1 & 2

The Sound Of ‘Mallard’

Steam Railway

Given away with the magazine, this covermount has interviews and live action!

Johnny Morris - A Salmon Calendar Record

Lyntone - LYN 2603 - 1974

Sights And Sounds of Britain, presented by the lovely Johnny Morris.

Engine Faults - Car Mechanics Magazine

Rainbow Records

This transparent 5” flexi covermount features various car engine noises in the hope that you’d be able to differentiate between your big end and your cam belt going bang!

Singing Games For One Or Two

A Talking Book Record - 1002/Ub

Made in West Germany for publishers Methuen.

Bonjour - Sixth Series 1962/63

Lyntone - LYN 267/8

Early language course.

Kenneth Baker - The Complete Keyboard Player

Lyntone - LYN 15207/8 - 1982

A very basic disc to accompany the booklet. I can just imagine hoards of chaps in beige slacks really pissing off their wives as they sit trying to learn a new hobby. 1,2,3,1,2,3,stop!

A Message To You From Andrew Phillips

Liberal Euro-Candidate For North & West Essex

Lyntone - LYN 6582 - 1979

A heart felt message from this 40 year old legal-eagle who has his wife, Penelope, standing at his side.

A La Page - Les Sons Du Francais

Lyntone - LYN 566/7

Another language course seeing the flexi as a cheap way of issuing instruction. .

Raise The Standard - The Australian Labor (sic) Party


A really cheesy song followed by the usual party slanging. Some 30 years on the issues are pretty much the same - as are the political parties.

A cheap donation generator asking the public for funds and support. 

All At Sea - 25L - 14

Hand screen printed sleeve, this religious flexi was given away by “The Rest Centre, Alderholt Steam Rally”. The B-side is “What A Holiday”.

Guitar Gadgets

Evatone 832720A&BXS - 1983

A really useful book for the guitarist. The sound-card features different

effects of various pedals. 

Traditional, Country and Electric Slide Guitar

Evatone 317751A&BXS - 1975

Arlen Roth presenting and playing. This was probably a flexi that went with Guitar Player Magazine.  

No’s 3,5,6 7 Artscanada

Artscanada from 1967. Flexidisc, Park Lane Recordings, Don Mills, Ontario

Pretty sought after for sampling, these discs contain poetry and experimental sound. On the weirdo-meter, they score a 7 and are well worth a listen.

The Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill - National Geographic

Eva-Tone 1965

A somber double sided flexi. National Geographic frequently used the flexi as an added “bonus” to their magazines.

Sounds of the Space Age - National Geographic

Eva-Tone 1969

A great little recording of this historic event.

Songs Of The Humpback Whale - National Geographic

Eva-Tone - 1979

The biggest selling/produced flexi’ of all time? As heard on The Wonderful Weightless World Of The Flexi-disc

Practical Electronics - Oct’, 1967

Lyntone - LYN 1243

A great 6” of electronic noises. Yum!

Practical Motorist

Lyntone - LYN 1397

An unlabeled 6” flexi of car engine noises.

The Open University - Electronic Sound

Lyntone LYN 3489 - 1976

A superb flexi containing all sorts of oscillation noises. Add to these that this copy has loads of crackle and a crease, making it really interesting!

Bullitt Mustang Street Test - Street Machine

Sound For Industry - SFI 565

Some great sounds on the quarter mile drag. Otherwise, very dull. 

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! - VHF Emergency Procedures

Flexi Records Ltd. - FLX 267

Presented free with Yachting Monthly. All serious stuff - unless you prefer sailing in the armchair? The carpet can get a bit choppy after a few ciders. However, getting the Lifeboat up our hill might be a little tricky.

A Record Lap Of The T.T. With Mick Grant

Motorcycle Mechanics Fortnightly

Lyntone - LYN 9676

Commentary from inside a helmet mic’. Very top end and looses the insanity of this epic track.

Year Of Communication Presents Tune In! - Nursing Times

Sound For Industry - NT002 - 1981

Fantastic for out takes!

Guitar Tuner - Rick Cardinali

Lyntone LYN 16170

Pre auto-tuners, pre Ap’s. Just dig out the record deck, pop this on and tune up - easy!

Match Weekly

Mastermind Of Soccer

Flexi Records Ltd.

FLX 177, 178 , 179

Here are three of these quizzes on Flexi Records. Part 1 and two were also issued on Lyntone.

Sounds Odd 2 - Puzzle Monthly

Flexi Records Ltd.

39 sound-clips to identify.

1981 Grand Prix Preview By Barry Sheene

Motor Cycle News

Flexi Records Ltd

Features the wonderful Murray Walker too!

Mastermind Of Motorcycling

Motor Cycle News

Lyntone - LYN 10968

Formula F100

Hot Car Magazine - April 1970

Lyntone - LYN 1967

An unlabeled 5” flexi narrated by Tony Bostock and featuring Tony Lanfranchi blasting around Brands Hatch. The idea was to follow him on a map that came with the magazine.

Audio Magazine

Audio Past Present & Future

Richard Baker presenting and interesting potted history of recorded music, especially the electronic synthesizer which was a novelty when this was produced, circa ‘73/4 

Lyntone LYN 11784

Schooling For Success - Caroline Bradley Talks To

Horse & Pony

Lyntone - LYN 10084

Buckinghamshire lass,Caroline talks about the types of horse to take on. In the background are the sounds of the stable, at least I hope so looking at the image on the disc.

Golden Sounds Of The TT

Flexi Records Ltd. - FLX 117

Presented free with The Classic Motorcycle this features some great vintage sounds of the 1957 TT with Murray Walker commentating. Another comments, “...that’s the finest noise I’ve ever heard. What a wonderful sound. Two fours sounding like a swarm of bees.” 

Bass Guitar

Jim Gregory & Harvey Vinoch

Lyntone - LYN 6866/7 - 1973


A Very Merry Christmas- 25L - 103

Another message from the Bible in translucent plastic. This one has the most amazing striations!

Bonjour - Eleventh Series 1967/68

Lyntone - LYN 1258

The Complete Guitar Player

Russ Shipton


Guitar tuning teacher.


Bluegrass Banjo - Peter Wernick

Evatone 1221732A&BXS - 1974

An unusual 10” flexi featuring the banjo.  

Breakthrough - The Unexplained

Sound For Industry SFI 652 - 1971

Issued with the first issue of “The Unexplained” containing “Electronic communication with the dead”. What is ‘unexplained’ is why? I’m not convinced that the dead sound like a bad tape loop, but, who knows?

Lead Guitar - Harvey Vinson & The Mustangs

Lyntone - LYN 6864/5 - 1972




Steam Railway

Lyntone Recordings Ltd.

Another promo from Steam Railway Magazine. This one offers excerpts from the LP’s advertised in their July/August editions (year unknown)

Tuck Andress

Guitar Player Magazine - April 1988

Eva-Tone Soundsheets 103527-1XS

Part of a collection of flexis that could be collated in an album (for $2.95)