Doctor Golf - John Jacobs

RCA INTS 1477 ------ 1972

The Driving Test & How To Pass It! - Gordon Cole

Spartan Records SGR 101 ---- 1978

Kareen’s Yoga - Karen Zebroff

IRC Records Canada

Lyn Marshall’s Yoga Vol. 2

Sunset SLS 50394 ------- 1975 with poster!

Auscultation of the heart

London 5873 ------  1961

A real rarity. Used for training doctors in differing heart complications, this is a real geeks delight!

Stethoscopic Heart Record - George D. Geckler

Philips D99528L

All the usual murmurs and arrhythmia's to get the party going.

Yoga For Health - Mike Batt

CBS 65454 - 1973

Hardly the ambient music of todays relaxation C.d.'s and world music. This is more a trip into Readers Digest land and has the worst elements of easy, world and classical. White noise is preferable.

Psychoprophylactic Preparation For Childbirth - National Childbirth Trust

Title of the year no doubt. Shame they didn’t work on the sleeve art though.

Concert-Disc Stereo Demo With Exclusive ‘Bouncing Ball” Balance Control Signal PLUS Excerpts From The Outstanding Concert-Disc Library

Concert-Disc CSD-2

2nd prize for longest title.


Atlantic - SD66001

An interesting record and neatly fits onto the Field Recording pages as one side features the sea, the other birds. This record is designed to enhance your day - or night. Recommended speed - either 33 or 16! Side 2 with the birds, it’s recommended that the volume goes low as the sound can irritate!  

Seamanship In Small Craft

Burnett-Butler - 15858 - 1972

Some interesting samples to be had.

Meditation - Gordon Turner

Charisma - CAS 1009 - 1970

Not only happy to pump out early Genesis, here Charisma release the esoteric Meditation LP by Gordon Turner.

A Load Of Moloney (How To Talk Scouse Proper)

Peter Moloney

BigBen - BB 00.02 1967

More comedic turn than educational.

I - A Cosmic Attunement - Stephen Halpern M.A.

SRI Records SRI 771 - 1977

21.50 minutes of what I’d call massage music. From the Spectrum Research Institute of Palo Alto (hippies with instruments), there are twelve Zodiac pieces and side B has some pleasant enough tunes. Shame they felt the need to wrap it in bullshit.

Chinese Pronunciation

BBC - OP 107

A useful 7” and one of several language records the Beeb were involved in.

Trumpet - Basic Studies

Music Minus One - TP3

One of many that MMO produced in the late sixties. This one dates from 1967 and is still sealed with study book!

Decimal Points

BBC Records - REMO 46M - 1970

“A decimalisation training disc for Britain’s shopkeepers by the BBC and distributed jointly with the Distributive Industry Training Board”

How confusing? Changing the country’s currency sounds impossible! I know I was ripped off as a kid when the penny sweets went up. This LP offers various scenarios that the shop-keeper may encounter.