Boxes, racks, cases, spiders and any other interesting bits of vinyl junk are featured here. There’s a limit as to how much stuff one man can have, apparently, so, if you have any interesting items that would fit nicely, feel free to email me the details...

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Fantastic kitsch plastic coated wire singles rack dating from the late 50’s to early 60’s with enough space to hold a handful of 7’s. Treble clef ends should you not know what to do with it!

Late 60’s, early 70’s textile covered cases. The green example was supplied by Boots Audio.

L - slim 12 M - 7’s R - 7’s

1950’s and 60’s singles cases

A delicious wicker effect 12” case and funky      early 60’s design

Early 80’s plastic record holder. They came in various colours and are / were a nightmare to use as they are impossible to browse. Most are now, thankfully, consigned to landfill.

The killer 1960’s singles rack. This contraption, made from wire and is

gowld-plated, holds up to 50 of your favourite discs. Each section has a number so the anal collector can catalogue with ease!

Now some fifty plus years on, this quality item has rusted and the ‘gilt’ has blistered. If it were an animal, it’d be put to sleep. 

Another 80’s design disaster. Even more difficult to browse your collection. Oft’ used in charity shops to really annoy crate-diggers.

A great modular 7” plastic box by Discotec from Belgium. Here in classic orange and black, you can clip on as many units as you please. However, the funky design is also useless for browsing!

A trip into the grooves, Vinylmania is a 75 minute feature length documentary about an object that has never lost its soul: the vinyl record. An epic love story, the film is filled with fascinating characters and internationally recognized artists including PHILIPPE COHEN SOLAL (Gotan Project), WINSTON SMITH (Dead Kennedys, Green Day record sleeve artist), PETER SAVILLE (Joy Division, New Order record sleeve artist) and DJ KENTARO (2002 DMC World DJ Champion).

Devotion, ecstasy, infatuation, agony – all feelings that the director of the film, Paolo Campana, has experienced from childhood and shares with like-minded record collectors, Djs, musicians and artists (the said vinylmaniacs) in the documentary. Set in 11 different cities worldwide, the director sets out on a global road trip to find out what role vinyl records play in the 21st century!

The Tartan 12” case, ideal for those Bay City Rollers collections.

Possibly late 50’s, early 60’s plastic singles folder with iconic period design to the cover.

Space for twenty of your favourite “pops”. Later version below. 

Classic 1970’s orange case by SMS

Made In England 

spiders from mars and beyond

“Centrator Framez” - Burgundy

“45 R.P.M. Made In U.S.A.” - White


‘Replay - Geelong” (Australia) - Black

“KPL Mst 1/2 - 30/3”  - Black

“Fix”  - Black

“Goldring 45 R.P.M. Adaptor - Made In England”  - Black

Four stud wheel  - Black

“45 R.P.M. Adaptor - 6”  - Marble

“Bei dickem Zapien Mittlestuck herauedrbeken”  - Gold

“45 R.P.M. Adaptor - 12”  - Cream

“45 R.P.M. Adaptor - 1”  - Light brown

“45 R.P.M. Adaptor - 11”  - Brown

“45 R.P.M. Adaptor - 17”  - Red

“45 R.P.M. Adaptor - 4”  - Cherry Red

“45 R.P.M. Adaptor - 3”  - Pinky Red


Classic Black

“45 R.P.M. Made In U.S.A.” - Yellow

“45 R.P.M. Made In U.S.A.” - Black

Four stud wheel  - Cream

“45 R.P.M. - 12 Made In U.S.A.” - Yellow

“45 R.P.M. - 2 Made In U.S.A.” - Dark Yellow

“45 R.P.M. - 10 Made In U.S.A.” - Dark Yellow

“U.S.A.” - Pale Yellow

Motown 60th Anniversary Releases

In my blood!

“6” - Clear

Two prong Tri - Pale blue

“2-502” - Star - Black

Another piece of record “junk” that kicks around. Here are several versions that I have found. The “” indicates text followed by colour. Some have numbers and who knows what that all means?!

All are plastic, unless stated.

This rack dates from 1952 when Samuel Charles Broad  took out a patent on behalf of Turnidge Ltd. It looks like the patent was for the placement of the wire in a framework. He also had patents ranging from improvements in welding techniques to pump-flushing portable toilets! We are inclined to think that this is a prototype or early production model as it has both company name and patent number.

This rack by Tudor Rose still has its’ cardboard wrapper. The inside of this wrapper has space to list your records. Looking at the list with this one it dates to 1962.


Telefunken Red Doughnut

A Record Housing Product

Card dividers with a printed index on the rear. Used to catalogue and divide your Mantovani from your Alpert. The price of 6/9 seems a lot for some bit of card!

This little orange Astor was spotted in the back room of an antique place in Victoria, Australia. The guy wouldn’t sell it to me which is a good job really as I had more than my fair share of weight in vinyl!

Probably 70’s pink


Remember these? The Record-Vacuum by Ronco, and “As seen on TV” no less. This example is as new and dates from 1976. Very similar to the Knosti Disco-Antistat cleaner, although this uses flimsy foam rather than bristles to clean your grooves.

Another nauseous pre-packed Christmas gift. This branded HMV set is a “complete” Record & Tape Care Kit. Probably dating from the 80’s, this kit has never been used. And I wonder why? 

Webster Chicago Corporation (Metal)