I Dig Chicks - Jonah Jones Quartet

MFP 1035 ------ 1959

Loving the moody girl. But does she dig chicks?

In Reggae Time - Various

Ember EMB 3411

Gratuitous bongoes with a trippy edge. If anyone has the record, let me know - I’ve just got the sleeve. 

Herb Alperts Tijuana Brass

Whipped Cream & Other Delights

A & M AMLS 958  ------ 1965

Quite a common record, and proof if any were needed, that sex sells - even Easy Listening. Common record and can be easily found, but still one of my favourites.

Club International

Archie Silansky & His Quintette

Gallotone GALP 1005 - South Africa

A cornucopia of International delights by this S.A. quintette, and erm,,, ladeees in “national dress”. Check out Miss South Africa!

National dress?

Playboy Party - The Hazy Osterwald Sextet

Polydor 46 401

10 out of 10 for the suits and shoes - not so sure on the centrefold.

Ragas and Reflections - The Indo Jazzmen

Saga FID 2145 ------ 1968

A superb jazz/world crossover with a great smoldering cover.

Calypsos - Too Hot To Handle

Monogram 837

American release featuring Lord Kitchener, Duke of Iron & The Charmer.

Art Heatlie - Saxophonics

Trutone STO 705 ------ 1969 ------ Africa

So good they even made this one a gatefold!

The Erotic Delights of Lady C.

FAX Records - FAXLP-1008

Erotica Series No.4

Anyone seen 1,2 or 3 in this series?

Come To Our Surprise Party -

The Gate Crashers

Damont Records - MER 380 - 1973

Wrong, wrong, wrong! See insert below - it’s just WRONG!

How Lucky You Are - Jaap Zeeland

Gemini - GM 2009 - 1972

Poor girl looks cold on this easy listening “delight”.

Show Girl - Various Artists

Society SOC 928 - 1963

Riské cover for the era

Songs Of England - Jack Dorsey & 101 Strings

Alshire - S-5192 - Canada

“101 Songs of England. I know. Let’s put a comely Scandinavian wench on the cover with too much blusher that makes her look like a Tiger. AND, very English this, a trug of oranges.”

To boot, they’ve Scottish, Irish and Welsh songs on there too.


Caribbean! - Harry Belafonte & The Islanders

World Record Club - T 276

One of my favourite Conga players.

Music To Strip By - Bob Freedman & Orchestra

Surprise records Corp. ILP 1001

Bonus free G-String! Sadly missing from this well worn copy. Distributed by Island, also with their Cat. No.

Pat Cooper - Spaghetti Sauce & Other Delights

United Artists UAL 3548

Comedy pastiche on the above LP.

Works for me!

Joe Fingers Carr - Honky Tonk

Music For Pleasure - MFP 1157 1959

Is she clicking her fingers to the groove or asking for money?

Saar Band - Double Action

Calendar LDAY 115 - 1978

Belting tune, but that aside - we’re loving the “classy” company sleeve.

20 Great Hits Of ’73

Contour 2870 359

Cheeky ’73 up-skirt in a bowling alley. Amazing what you find on the backside..er...rear cover. However, study both pics and the illusion is shattered. Two pins standing on the front and two on the rear. Maybe this was just a photo shoot set up....Nooooo - really?

More From The Vaults

Liberty LBS 83377

An interesting and unrelated pic to the sleeve of this comp. The ‘lady’ on the stool is a little masculine shall we say? And what man turns up backstage with a bunch of limp daffs?

The Super Guitar Of Lightnin’ Red

Stereo Gold Award - MER 351

Thar’s a chunky lass propping up that guitar. 

A Bowl Of Soul - Richard Groove Holmes

Valiant VS114  - 1966

Some fine organ work to match the excellent, and sturdy crochet work.

Dixieland Spectacular

Deacon DEA 104 - 1971

I’m sure there’s a ‘Band Camp’ joke in here somewhere?

Can Can & Kiss Me Kate

Mimi Benzell & Felix Knight

Allegro ALL 765 - 1965

Same face. Same girl. Same dimples....

Cairo By Night - Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Voice Of Stars - VOS 10020  - 1974

Lovely curvy lady in 3D.

Santa Esmeralda - Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Philips - 9101149 - 1977

Misunderstood Leroy? What, semi-clad ladees. Never.

Stag Party Record featuring Terri ‘Cup Cakes’ O’Mason

Fax Records FAXLP 1014

If you’re after a politically correct LP, then don’t buy this!

Get the picture?

I Dig Chicks - Jonah Jones Quartet

Capitol ST 1193 - 1959

The original cover. Should it be, “Picking Up Chicks!” ?

I can’t believe they did a few of these.

Here’s some more of the dirty old scroat with dolly birds. Fancy a punt...

Music To Bathe By

CBS Special Products - LSP 13095

Promotional Lp for Ondine Bath Dew. Apparently they would give away a free 16” x 22” poster with every pack, “No mortal woman will be able to resist it!” reads the strap-line. The poster is of the three bathing belles...

The Silver Strings Play Music For The Small Hours

Deacon Records - DEA 1043 - 1971

It now seems quite odd that there once was the equation nipples + easy listening = sales.

Best Of - Average White Band

RCA XL 13101 - 1980

One of the many ‘cheeky’ covers by the AWB.

String Of Pearls - Bobby Hackett

Vogue Jazz - VJD 531

1970’s juicy jazz offering.

Ohio Players - Honey

Mercury 9100 014

Precisely why you shouldn’t eat honey directly from the jar.

My Pussy Belongs To Daddy x 2

Flattery indeed. So good was the 70’s compilation on Beacon (305) that it was copied by The Pussywarmers on their 2009 issue.

Come Clean - Dwarves

A brace of cheekiness by Dwarves on their ‘Come Clean’ release.

LP - 86575-1 and picture disc CF 046

Sounds Astounding - London Philharmonic Orch’

Stereo Gold Awards - MER 405 - 1974

Astounding isn’t quite the word I’d use. However, the speaker stands are very nice!

Carmen - Don’t Pass Me By

Spectrum SLP 5005 - 1970

Very difficult to pass by this Anglo-Indian beauty. “Carmen herself is a very ambitious young lady; she wears her dresses mini-mini...” - Quite what happened to her is a mystery.

Paul Mauriat Orchestra - L’Amore E Blu

Philips 370 621 PF

A nice psychedelic tinge from this Italian 7”.

Various - World Top Ten

Flag Vol 039

It’s 1972 and what were they thinking? Tucking plastic squares in to flesh coloured knickers?

Bottoms Up With The Locals Featuring Betty Taylor

Marble Arch - MALS 1333 -1970

Popular pub songs captured before they vanished. 

Stereo Action Goes Broadway - Dick Schory’s Percussion & Brass Ensemble.

RCA International - INTS 1075

An adventure in Stereo and so many other facets.

Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky - O’Donel Levy

Groove Merchant - GM 535 - 1974

A little belter with a very powerful, sensual cover.  

The Impact Of Gary Blake - Gary Blake & His Orchestra

EMI Studio 2 - TWO 174 - 1967

Anthony Lloyd-Parker, the photographer, was also responsible for bringing us the cover of Mrs Mills. Bit of a change of direction!

Mingus Moods - Charlie Mingus

Trip Jazz- TLP-5017

Some sort of sacrificial bondage going on here? 

Games That Lovers Play - Stef Meeder

Gemini - GMX 5034 - 1968

Another continental chap and his organ music. 

Various - Million Sellers Of The 50’s

Boulevard 4042 - 1971

50’s tunes repackaged to sell in the 70’s. Half hoping a half naked bowling girl would do the trick? Do me a favour.

Various - Kid Loco Presents

Jesus Life For Children Under 12 Inches

Yellow Productions - YP 050 - 1999

A bevy of gems - and beauties.

Francis Lai - Bilitis

United Artists - UAS 30161 - 1978

A pretty mediocre sounding film track with a distinct Euro’ feel. Very common record to be found in charity shops across the land - wonder why?

The Creoles / New Orleans Five - Blues N’ Bras

Boulevard 4065

Boulevard marketing team really push the envelope here. Having said that there’s a good version of Bullen Street Blues where the bass sounds like it’s been stuck in the bog. 

Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be. Seven Old Ladies Locked In The Lavatory - Ribald Classics Vol 1

Adults Only - AO1

Australian version of the Rugby songs series.

Suntan - The Sandpebbles Of Barbados

Pebble Groove - PGS 11201 - 1978

Well, here’s a bunch of happy chaps!

More holiday record than anything else played by a competent hotel band. This copy comes complete with sticker! 

Hammond Pops 8 - Klaus Wunderlich

Telefunken - SLE 14 675-P - 1972

A vision in bubblegum pink.

Ann Corio Presents, How To Strip For Your Husband

Music To Make Marriage Merrier

Roulette - R 25186 - 1963

Complete with booklet (which makes for fun reading) this is an LP of lounge style strip music. The booklet is the peach though and no doubts from the pre women’s lib era! 

Emmanuelle 2 - Francis Lai

CBS 4211

A gentle cover for this second version. 7”

The Brothers Butch

Kay, Why? / I’m Not Going Camping This Winter

Thrust Records - TS 69

A camp little comedy record from London in the early 70’s.


Saturday Night Riot - Wild Party Songs

Stag Party Record

Fax Records FAXLP 2001