The flexi-disc was mainly a marketing tool to add a little spice to a magazine. The addition of the freebie, or covermount was used by numerous magazines and papers from poetry, comedy, porn (See the pink pages for these), educational and more commonly,teen’ magazines. At their zenith, dedicated music magazines like New Musical Express and Sounds were at the fore, culminating in the flexi’ dedicated magazine of the 80’s, Flexipop. This magazine lasted two years before it’s demise as the new fangled Cd took over. See the Flexipop page.Cd’s went on to be the new covermount.

Below are Teen Magazines and Music magazines from the 60’s and 70’s. Other covermounts can be found on the other Flexi-disc pages.

Melanie - A Gift From Honey October 1973

Lyntone - LYN 2673

One of the most common pop flexis of the 70’s

Hits Of Chicory Tip

Lyntone - LYN 2524

Presented by Popswap and misprinted with the tracks running in an differing running order!

Jackson Five - Talk & Sing Personally To Valentine Readers

Lyntone - LYN 2639

Personally gets a lot of abuse on these early discs.

David Cassidy

Lyntone - LYN 2710 - 1973

Presented free with Jackie. Words of love from...

Slade Talk To Melanie Readers

Lyntone - LYN 2645

Slade - Exclusive To All 19 Readers

Lyntone - LYN 2797

Exclusive that is unless you bought Melanie a few months earlier!

Farewell New Seekers For Mirabelle Readers

Lyntone - LYN 2828

An odd release for a teen’ magazine.

Slade / Mike Hugg

Sound For Industry - SFI 122 - November 1972

A double sided flexi with samples of both albums by both artists on the Polydor label. Free with Music Scene.

The Jets - Crush On You

Lyntone - MCAFD 1048 - 1985

A desperate attempt at readership by this now flagging teen magazine.

Phillyfreebie - A Gift From Honey March ’76

Lyntone - LYN 3279

The Three Degrees

Tune-In Magazine 1979

Sound For Industry - SFI 423

Pete Shelley / Animal Magnet

Lyntone - LYN10952/3

A rareish double release from the even rarer New Sounds New Styles. Not a lot of New Sounds or New Styles about eh?

David Bowie - Bowie

Record Mirror - Lyntone - LYN 2929

A great snippet flexi featuring Mr Bowie.

Pilot / Olivia Newton-John

Record Mirror

Two track flexi made by Richard Scherpe, West Germany.

Sweet Sensation / Rubettes

Record Mirror

Another two track by Sherpe

Bad Manners - Record Mirror - MAGL 5043 - 1981

Great Western

Sounds - Lyntone - LYN 2481/2482

A good mix of rock from the USA including Three Dog Night and BB King.

The Guitar Album

Sounds - Richard Scherpe - SH 0999

BB King , Rory Gallagher, The Ox, Sweet 16  and Eric Clapton.

Michael Schenker Group / Pat Benatar

Flexi Records Ltd - 1981

The Professionals / Gillan

Sounds Freebie No 2

Duran Duran - The Interviews

Smash Hits - Number One

Spandau Ballet - The Interviews

Smash Hits - Number Two

John Foxx - My Face

Smash Hits - 1980

In lovely lurid yellow, this was one of the first Smash Hits freebies.

Skids / XTC

Lyntone - HIT 002 - 1979

The Olympian / Ten Feet Tall

Squeeze - Freebie Wrong Way

Lyntone - LYN 7010-1S 1980

The Passage / Blancmange

Lyntone - LYN 11183/84

Free with Melody Maker and a slightly more unusual double sided flexi

Rolling Stones / Curved Air / Fanny

New Musical Express

Sound For Industry - SFI 107 - 1972

Excellent quality sampler from the NME

Alice Cooper

New Musical Express - February 1973

Lyntone - LYN 2585

A single tune and the rest snippets.


New Musical Express - April 1973

Sound For Industry - SFI 139

Manic Street Preachers - Verses From The Holy Bible

New Musical Express - August 1994

Epic - MAN1C

A later NME release on much thinner plastic than the early NME releases.

Kerrang! Bendynoize!

Thunder - RPLA - Sweet Addiction


Flexi Records Ltd.

Kerrang! Bendynoize!

Atom Seed - The Beyond


Flexi Records Ltd.

Kerrang! Plastic Explosive

Nuclear Assault - Salty Dog


Free with issue 280 - Flexi Records Ltd.

Kerrang! Sexy Flexi

Skid Row - Winger


Free with issue 307 -Flexi Records Ltd

Kerrang! 38 Special

Back Door Stranger - Firestarter - Myofist - Doc Holiday

Sound For Industry

Kerrang! Sexy Flexi

Almighty - Overkill


Free with issue 309 -Flexi Records Ltd

Kerrang! Plastic Explosive

Testament - Acid Reign


Free with issue 279 - Flexi Records Ltd.

Blue Rondo / Culture Club

Flexi Records Ltd

Fairly certain this is a covermount, but not sure which magazine!

Answers on a postcard...

Heaven 17

Commodore User

Flexi Records Ltd.

Covermount from Commodore User featuring synth pop band Heaven 17. The Commodore 64 was the precursor to the amazing Amiga which really took off as an early home computer.

Onslaught Speak To Raw

RAW - Number 3

80’s speed metal group Onslaught their forthcoming album, “In Search Of Sanity”

Rick’s Hit Mix

Number One

Number One ran from ’83 - ’92 and was a direct competitor to Smash Hits. The reporting was a little more ‘gritty’ than it’s rival whom they referred to as “Sm*shed Tw*ts”

Wet Wet Wet

Number One

Interview and Sweet Little Mystery

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery

Lyntone - LYN 2762 - 1973

Another excellent release by New Musical Express. Inventive packing designed by H.R.Giger.


Blood For The Blood God

Lyntone - LYN 19104 - 1987

Distributed with Games Workshop Warhammer magazine

Kerrang! Flexible Fiend

Balaam And The Angel - Faith No More


Free with issue 258 - Flexi Records Ltd

Mammoth / Slave Rider

Metal Hammer

Lyntone - LYN 19855

One for the mosh-pit.

Happy Christmas From The Stars

Smash Hits

Lyntone - LYN 12570/1

A star studded cast featuring ABBA, The Jam, Police,Fun Boy Three, Madness among others, and, erm...Bucks Fizz

The Osmonds Talking To You About Their New Magazine

Osmonds’ World

Lyntone - LYN 2705 - 1973

You know you’ve hit the big time when you have your own magazine.

Bay City Rollers


Lyntone - LYN 3035

Talk and sing to all you lucky readers.

Rick Wakeman presents three tracks from his musical score for Ken Russell’s Lisztomania

19 Magazine

Lyntone - LYN 3136/7

An incongruous freebie for a teen magazine?

Mick Ronson

Love Me Tender / Slaughter On 10th Avenue

Eva-Tone Soundsheets - 1973

Free with Teen Magazine in the USA.

Monty Python’s Tiny Black Round Thing

NME - May 1974 - SO 1259

A Dutch Sonopresse pressing of yet more OxBridge humour. 

Cliff Richard’s Personal Message To You - Serenade 1960

Rainbow Records

An early message from 1960 from Cliff to his fans, this turquoise cover-mount from Serenade books at about £20 with the magazine!

Frankie Vaughan

Presented with Roxy, this flexi has a slightly creepy air that you’d struggle to get away with now!

Michel Sardou En Direct

Hit Magazine 076 HIT

A French offering featuring Michel Sardou - ‘Hit’ being the misnomer here?!

Madness - Take It Or Leave It

Lyntone - LYN 10208 - 1981

Released on a magazine of the same name, this flexi is aptly titled. Badly recorded interview, part tune. The only saving grace is hearing John Peel.

Neil Sedaka With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Live From The Royal Albert Hall

2383 299

Bit of a strange promo’ to stick on Record Mirror?

Boy George - The Interviews

Smash Hits - Number Three


Sound For Industry - SFI 183

Saturday Night

A single tune from these white cap wearing bobby-dazzlers.

Kerrang! Flexible Fiend

Anthrax - Disneyland After Dark


Free with issue 256 - Flexi Records Ltd

Kerrang! Flexible Fiend

Vain - Tigertailz


Free with issue 259 - Flexi Records Ltd

Orchestral Manoeuvres / Nash The Slash

Smash Hits -1981

Flexi records Ltd.

David Cassidy Talks To Melanie Readers

Lyntone - LYN 2577

Cassidy was gold in the early 70’s, guaranteeing a high sell-through to his teenage fans.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Interviews

Smash Hits - Number Four

Re-Flex / Astrakhan

Lyntone - LYN 12028/9

Melody Maker combine forces with Red Stripe

Bronz / Motorhead

Lyntone - LYN 14383

A double bevvy of rock from the Bronze Records stable.

Barbara Dickson / Verdi Stewart / Mart & Mirrie

Titbits Magazine

Sound For Industry - SFI 742

A middle of the road sampler from Titbits, which was a similar type of magazine to “OK”, full of celebrity gossip and mild titillation for the working man.

Mama;s Boys

Lyntone - LYN 19497 - 1987

Promoting the LP, “Growing Up The Hard Way” .

Our Daughter’s Wedding / The Tubes / Gary US Bonds / Kim Carnes

Flexi Records Ltd. - 1981

From the underead Pop Pix magazine. Side one has a “hidden” track which has an advert for The Midland - The listening bank”.

The Birthday Party

Dead Joe

4A.D.BAG 005 - 1982

Flexi Records Ltd.

Free with Masterbag

Orange Juice - The Day I Went Down To Texas

Sound For Industry - SFI 719

1983 release with M.M.

Cabaret Voltaire

Gut Level

Rough Trade BAG 004 - 1982

Flexi Records Ltd.

Free with Masterbag

Ozzy Osbourne...Musically Speaking

RAW - Number 1

The first release from Rock Action Worldwide - RAW

Helloween...Pumpkin Noise

RAW - Number 2

Mammoth / Romeo’s Daughter

RAW - Number 4

The first RAW split release.

Blue Murder / Brighton Rock

RAW - Number 5

RAW supplied this bag for your RAW Cuts.

Made by Aviv Plastics, London.


The New Seekers

Sound For Industry - SFI 124

Another heap of extracts for Popswop Magazine

The Housemartins

Record Mirror - RM FLEXIDISC 2 - 1987

From Sept’ 26th, 1987, guitarist Stan Cullimore introduces “We Are

Not Going Back” A late offering from RM.


Quiet Riot - Slick Black Casillac

Free with issue 55 -Flexi Records Ltd

Little John Pattison

Audio Plastics - Lyn 510/11 - 1964

Give-A-Disc was a short run magazine in the early 60’s. It’s longevity was probably due to the covers rather than original artists.

Needles And Pins / All My Loving 

Grazina Orchestra

Audio Plastics - Lyn 568/9 - 1964

Stay Awhile / Let Me Go Lover   

Mike Mansfield Talks To The Bay City Rollers

Supersonic Magazine - 1976

Brother Beyond

Girl Magazine - 1988

Something for the ladies..... I mean girls.

Guys ‘n’ Dolls / Moments

Richard Scherpe - SH 9565/1

Thomas J. Cricker / Sexy Mama

Kerrang! Bendynoize!

Loud - Cheap And Nasty


Flexi Records Ltd.

Kerrang! Flexible Fiend

Faster Pussycat - Femme Fatale


Free with issue 257 - Flexi Records Ltd

Kerrang! Plastic Explosive



Free with issue 278 - Flexi Records Ltd.

Kerrang! Plastic Explosive

Kai Hansen/Gamma Ray - Lisa Dominique


Free with issue 281 - Flexi Records Ltd.

Kerrang! Sexy Flexi

Dogs D’Amour - Burning Tree


Free with issue 308 -Flexi Records Ltd

Kerrang! Sexy Flexi

Harlow - Kill City Dragons


Free with issue 310 -Flexi Records Ltd

Rolling Stone

Allman Brothers Band - The Marshall Tucker Band

Sound For Industry - SFI 165 - 1973

Double offering from Capricorn Records.

Robyn Hitchcock & Peter Buck / The Soft Boys

Flesh No 1 / Deck Of Cards

Flexi Records Ltd. - BOB 17 - 1987

Free with issue 23 of Bucketfull Of Brains Magazine.


Dementia 13 / The Inn

Vine 1

Presented with Freakbeat 6 this is a little gem with a live recording

from The Inn and a track by Dementia 13 which sounds like

Hawkwind on a cocktail of Mogodons and hash and recorded in a cellar.

Good combo’! 

The Osmonds Personal Christmas Message

Osmonds’ Fan Club

Lyntone - LYN 2753 - 1973

Lets Active

I Feel Funny / Wild Wild Women

Lyntone - BOB 10 - LYN 17620

Free with issue 16 of Bucketfull Of Brains Magazine.

Leo Sayer

Sound For Industry - SFI 464 - 1979

A gift from Tune-In Magazine

When The Money Runs Out / An Englishman Lost In The USA


Flexi Records Ltd. - 1985

Number One Interview and The Sun Always Shines On TV

Theatre Of Hate

Ghost Of Love

BAG 002 - 1982

Flexi Records Ltd.

Free with Masterbag

Soweto Selection

Unknown / Albert M’Kosane

BAG 007 - 1982

Flexi Records Ltd.

Free with Masterbag

Twang / Laugh

Debris Magazine

Lyntone - LYN 16830

Issued free with Debris 9